Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

What an eventful day.

* My meeting concluded so I headed to the airport. The shuttle driver seemed to think he was in training to be the next Jeff Gordon. I swear the van was on two wheels going around some of the corners.

* Lunchtime. I ordered the cheeseburger, cooked medium. It took an unusually long time to get our order, but when it came it looked really good. Glad I cut my burger in half though. It was raw (barely even warm) in the middle. They fixed it, but by then I had lost my appetite.

* I had about a three hour wait for my flight. Time to charge my phone. Yay! So I found a charging station but couldn’t find a seat. No problem, there was a man sitting alone quietly. So I asked if he minded if I took the chair at his table. He snapped at me and asked “can’t you see I’m on the phone?” Uh, no I couldn’t. Everybody has earbuds in their ears, how was I supposed to know he was listening to some long winded person????? I didn’t even wait for another response. I just sat down with him. Tough. Being nice doesn’t cost a dime. But some people act like it costs a bajillion dollars. Totally not necessary.

* Plane is finally ready for boarding. They announced they needed people to do gate checking of their carry on bags. I’m a nice person and like to get along so I said, sure, why not. Well, two reasons I shouldn’t have. First, now it would have to be picked up at baggage claim. Any other time I’ve done that, I get it when I get off the plane. And second, when I got on board, the overhead bins were not at all full.

* Plane finally takes off. The pilot’s first words are “ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a rough flight. Please stay in your seats with your seat belt on for your safety. The beverage service will be suspended for awhile.” And he wasn’t kidding. It was one of the most turbulent flights I’ve ever been on. I was beginning to worry I was going to need the barf bag. My stomach was doing flip flops with every bounce of the plane.

* Yay! Plane is landing. Of course that meant turning off my kindle at a really good part of the book (and I was at the 90% point too!). So, I looked out the window. All I could see were clouds…lots and lots of clouds. In fact, I couldn’t see any ground until seconds before touchdown. Foggy and overcast.

* Carry on bag retrieved finally. Got on the shuttle to get my car. It is amazing to me that people don’t pay attention to where they parked when they originally left. Three other people on the shuttle. First lady says, “I think I’m in B62. If not, she could walk”. But she got off somewhere else. She had quite a long walk I noticed…the shuttle stopped three times after dropping her off before I saw B62. Then these two guys got off. They said “I think we should go to shelter 13. Or maybe it was 15. Do you remember where we parked?” Seriously people, pay attention. Or if you think you might forget, WRITE IT DOWN!!!! I put it in my phone.

* 2 ½ hour drive home. But I’m glad to be back there

Today, I’m thankful my plane didn’t fall from the sky (even though I started to wonder about that a couple of times). I’m also thankful I know where I leave my car. And I’m really thankful to be home and that I get to sleep in my own bed. Plus, now I can finally finish that book (review tomorrow).


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Travel" (6)

  1. Sounds like an exciting day and I’m sorry some things didn’t go smoothly. Hope Halloween treats you better.

  2. Sue Nunemaker said:

    Pam, if you fly out of Indy on any kind of a regular basis, I strongly recommend that you use Indy Park, Ride & Fly for your parking. GREAT customer service at basically the same price as Economy. They direct you to a specific row to park, then pick you up at your car, get your luggage out of the car and put it on the bus. Upon your return, they drop you off at your car and put the luggage into your car for you. They have a service called BizXpress where you register your credit card and then they send you a plastic card. Once that’s done, you scan your card when you come into the lot. When you leave, you scan your card again, and your receipt is sent to you via e-mail. You’re guaranteed a parking spot, so you don’t have to go to the website to make the reservation and you don’t pay the website reservation fee. Saves you time and money. LOVE this company!

    Usually Indy baggage claim is pretty efficient; often my bag is on the carousel by the time I’ve made my pit stop and found my way downstairs. Sorry to hear that wasn’t the case for you tonight.

    I’m also glad you’re home safely!

  3. I do enjoy coming home after time away – own bed, our birds singing and flying, coffee brewed the way I like it, etc…and I’m always thankful to make it home safely, too. Welcome home!

  4. Glad you are home safe. We are fortunate to live 10 mins from airport. I don’t like getting up at 4:30 am for Greg to make a 5 am flight, but I can go in my pjs and drop him off, then, when he returns, he calls and I am right back. Dog piss on the guy with the wires in his ears.

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