Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Halloween will be a wet one for all the kids around here. Fortunately, our town has Boo in Bluffton in the City Gym. Nice and dry there.

It has rained fairly hard all day long. Actually, it started in the night. So, I decided to grab a quick lunch and go down to our River Greenway to sit in my car. I intended to read, but instead reclined my seat and listened to the rain falling on the roof of my van. So peaceful. And now I’m listening to it rain outside. It is a hard downpour now. But we needed some rain (all the leaves are off the trees now it seems). Now if it just keeps it up until time for me to go to bed. That should lull me right to sleep.

The other thing I’m thankful for today is my cousin. I’ve mentioned before that I have about 45 cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Now keep in mind that my parents were married 55 years and my dad left his family in Ohio to be a part of her family. Since my mom died a little over 19 months ago, my dad has been visited by my mom’s brother, my uncle Max. And my cousin Margie. That’s it. No one else. Dad can’t exactly run around visiting anyone himself and they all know that. I ran into a cousin the other day who said, “I really should go see your dad”. I replied with “yes, you should. Everyone says they should and none of you do it. It is shameful.” I’ve decided that I might as well speak my mind. And I know they would all show up at the funeral home. That doesn’t really do a thing for people. And when the time comes, I guarantee you that I will speak up. If that’s at the funeral home and I get ex-communicated from the family, so be it.

Okay, I got a little off track. So, I was talking about what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful that my cousin, Jenny, who is here to see my uncle Max (her dad) made an extra effort to go see my dad at breakfast this week. When my dad told me, it made me cry. It is nice to know that not everyone is so self absorbed.

So, I’m thankful for caring family. I’m thankful for all this rain. I’m thankful to be home. I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday.

What are especially thankful for today? Is there an older family member (or neighbor or friend’s parents) you should take a few minutes to go visit? Really. Make someone’s day. Go out of your way to show a small kindness. You will be blessed and they will feel special.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Rain, Rain" (10)

  1. My mother is here, fighting with my youngest son. Nothing new. It’s been raining here all day too – it stopped for about 2 hours for trick or treating, and for that I’m thankful.

  2. I pretty much stayed in bed today listening to the rain. Unfortunately the cold and rain is never a good combination for me. Happy for you that you have mostly a great family. It really makes a difference. Happy Friday – almost!

    • I know. My dad is pretty miserable today. My sinuses are killing me but that is nothing compared to what people with joint issues are dealing with.

      Yay for almost the weekend!

  3. It rains so seldom here that, when it does, we open our bedroom window so I can hear it…people say here, “Oh what a downpour last night!” Hahaha! Being from New Orleans, that is comical coming from someone in California đŸ˜› I hope it keeps raining until you fall asleep…it’s so comforting.

  4. Yes -rain all day. I had a lovely dinner with Peyton. Since I was not with him for his bday, I picked him up from school today and we went to dinner – Red Robin. His annual bday burger. It was a bit odd – Jordy was not with us – the first time ever. But we had a nice time. I am so thankful for my boys.

  5. We had rain, too – poor trick-or-treaters. Makes me thankful that my son, although only twelve, looks to be about 15, and gets dirty looks from the neighbors when he goes trick or treating – so no more. This year and just bought candy to put in his pumpkin and shouted “trick or treat” whenever we grabbed a piece. đŸ™‚ We’re big nerds.

  6. We have rain here too, but it’s turned into a massive windstorm within the past couple of hours. I like the rain, but the wind can cause damage. As in regards with the family, I, too, am part of a large family with tons and tons of cousins. I find weddings are an event not to miss, yet funerals are a great equalizer among everyone.

    I wish you all the best with your family! The challenges are interesting, aren’t they?

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