Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

My favorite dog (but don’t tell her she isn’t human!) has put her stories in a book. Go buy this book and help Ani get her nifty ball thrower.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

IMGP1329Well, everyone else seems to be at it… and certain people have kept saying the ‘p’ word… so …you can blame them.

I’ve had my secretary.. well… her…working on it… and she’s all done. She needs to be kept occupied, you know… gets into all kinds of mischief if not…


I mean, the other day, for instance… went upstairs with the usual marmalade coloured hair… came back down a while later looking really strange… the curly orange stuff had gone and it was like mine.. straight and black!

You can imagine… took me by surprise a bit… ‘specially with all the black painty stuff round her eyes and her mouth gone all red…  Something about a costume…so she says…

Now me, I think she was just making fun of me moulting… ’cause she took it off! And the marmalade hair was still there underneath! So I had a think…

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Comments on: "Notes from a small dog: Four Legs on Two" (1)

  1. Ani says thank you, Pamela 🙂

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