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I don’t know where you are, but here in northern Indiana we had an amazing view of a big beautiful bright moon tonight. I love to see the moon in every phase. But when it is full, or nearly full, it is just beautiful.

And know that I’m looking at the exact same moon. That just boggles my mind. So if you are in New England or Calufornia, I’m seeing the same moon here in Indiana.

Which do you prefer, a crescent or sliver of the moon, a full moon or maybe those yellow moons?


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Bonus" (7)

  1. The really bright ones that lit up the woods so much in the middle of the night in Michigan that you didn’t need any kind of light! It’s full here too of course but I bet it has something to do with how far north/south you are that changes the size. Just a guess…

  2. Big, yellow moon that can light the way better than streetlights.

  3. I love them all for different reasons…I simply love the moon.

  4. I’m with Susan – I love the moon in all her different faces for lots of different reasons!

  5. Big full one rising over the Gulf

  6. Full moons are very pretty to look at and this last was showed the man in the moon VERY clearly. I just wish I could take better photos of the moon. However, the full moon affects how things function in my office and at the restaurant I work for. Weird phone calls, people don’t act like themselves and just weird series of events. I can’t even imagine how the moon affect hospitals. Next month has a Friday the 13th and so help me god if it’s a full moon that day, I’m not getting out of bed and calling in sick to both jobs.

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