Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Let me tell you about my day.

Background: I’m the CEO of a small United Way in Indiana. I’ve been at this job nearly 15 years. I was a lot younger (about 15 years younger) when I started doing this. Younger equates with more energy. I wear many hats in my job. One of those is fundraiser and this time of year, it is a big part of my day. But I’m still doing the other stuff. Remember, just because it is a nonprofit, doesn’t mean it isn’t a business. I still have to do marketing, payroll, staff supervision, board work, etc.

Okay, so with fundraising I conduct a lot of employee meetings in various industry settings. A typical meeting is only about twenty minutes long. I love it and I’m good at it.

So, this morning my first meeting of the day was at 6 am. That meant leaving home before 5:30. And that meant getting out of my warm comfy bed at 4:30. Yes, AM. I really tried to go to bed early. And I did. It was 11 last night. I’m not good at math but best case scenario is that is only 5 ยฝ hours of sleep. And of course I didn’t get to sleep right away. So probably only 5 hours ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I get to this particular factory. I walk in and see a couple of guys standing around. I ask for Katie (my contact). No Katie. Okay, how about Lane (the owner). No Lane. Shift supervisor? No shift supervisor. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up. So they found me the guy with the most seniority. Better than nothing I suppose. I ask, did you guys know I was coming? Yes. Finally, something right. A long way from perfect, but I made it work.

So, quick trip to WalMart to pick up hamburger buns for a lunch in the office tomorrow. Then Subway for breakfast. In the office before 7. A whirlwind of activity and projects all morning. Tomorrow I have a group of women heading out to read in the day cares and preschools in our county. I had a million last minute details to coordinate. Then off to more campaign meetings and back for a late afternoon conference call.

Finally home a little after 6 pm. Oops, I forgot that I had to get the pulled pork ready to put in my crockpot for tomorrow’s lunch. Of course, it was frozen. So, thawed that out so it is ready to go in the morning. No time in the morning because I have to leave early for another campaign meeting.

So 7 pm and I can sit and rest. Wait, someone has to do laundry. I guess that would be me. And get my clothes ready for tomorrow (remember, not a lot of time to dawdle in the morning).

So, you might be wondering what I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for so much.

Thankful that not every day is as long as today or starts as early. Thankful that I love my job. Thankful I have this group of women who want to read to children and are willing to eat pulled pork sandwiches. Thankful we had pulled pork left to use so I didn’t have expenses for lunch. Thankful we had someone donate a pig to us to use. Thankful I have a washer and dryer so I can do laundry at home. Thankful that I had ice cream in the freezer for my dinner (Edy’s Carmel Salted Pretzel. Yummy!)


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – It Could be Worse, Right?" (9)

  1. Hope tomorrow runs smoother, but Edy’s Carmel Salted Pretzel ice cream is a great way to end any day.

  2. That is one heck of a day – enjoy your ice cream (it sounds delicious!)

  3. Can’t see how you do it. Get some snooze! It’s 10:30 there now…

  4. Long AND busy day ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. WOW! You had me at 4:30 am! Please get some rest so you don’t burn out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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