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Legends of Windemere

Part 1 of the Opening Scene of Allure of the Gypsies:

Dawn has barely emerged when the deadly Weapon Dragons swoop from the sky and wake the gypsy caravan with their steely roars. The smoky, metallic hides of these beasts drip fresh dew upon their prey as they attack. Gusts of wind from their immense wings flip over wagons and smash tents against the trees as the two dragons circle the caravan. The monsters wait for panic to set in before landing and lazily slaughtering the gypsies with their mouths and claws. Within minutes, the gypsy wagons are nothing more than shattered wreckage. Bodies of small children and the elderly, who were hiding inside the wagons, are scattered across the devastation. The warriors of the caravan are beginning to organize when a quake passes through the battlefield. Women scream as zombies rise from the moist earth. The undead hordeā€¦

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