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Notes from a small dog XXXIII

I’m reading Ani’s book now. It makes me smile. You should pick it up too for an easy enjoyable read. Besides Ani really does need that tennis ball launcher.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

P1160526_DxOShe says she’s not talking to me anymore.

She may not have noticed that’s a bit contradictory… I won’t tell her. She’s upset enough as it is. She’s wandering round muttering things like, “Might have ruddy known…” and making little growly sounds like Hrmph!

Well, she started it, letting me write on here… is it my fault my posts do better than hers? I am, of course, much more photo-whatsit than she is… my pics are much prettier! ‘Course, she hasn’t told my boy yet that my post has done better than his post too…. Well, he was only talking about possums or some such… something like that anyway. I don’t know about possums…


I’m not sure the ball guy will be best pleased either… Not when he sees “Notes from a Small Dog” is outselling all their books…. Still a long way from the automatic tennis ball…

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Comments on: "Notes from a small dog XXXIII" (1)

  1. Thanks for the sharing, Pamela… Ani may not ‘need’ the ball launcher as much as she thinks… but I definitely do :-)!

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