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Thanksgiving Project – Oops

I didn’t get up a blog yesterday. My day didn’t go exactly as planned.

What was planned was to get up at 6 am, leave for Cleveland at 7 am, arrive near noon, unload a bunch of totes of fabric from my van into my daughter’s studio, then spend a few hours with her and Soren, leave Cleveland no later than 5, arrive home by 10.

Here is what really happened.

Got up at 6 am, left for Cleveland around 7. So far so good.

However, just before I arrived at her studio to meet her (according to my gps I was 18 minutes away), she called in a panic and said there had been a fire at her best friend’s house.

Back story: her best friend James is the best guy in the world. They have been best friends for years. In fact, they were roommates until a few months ago when he decided to move in with his girlfriend. Anyway, I don’t think his girlfriend likes my daughter very much. But they were out of town for the weekend. My daughter was over at their place (technically the girlfriend’s place) on Thanksgiving watching football and doing laundry. Okay, back to yesterday.

It seems my daughter’s boyfriend extinguished a cigarette in a potted plant by the back door when they left about 11:30 pm. Andrea got a call from her best friend at 11:30 next morning. The fire department called them to tell them there had been a fire. Evidently the cigarette butt smoldered all night and caught something on fire at the back door. There was definitely damage. It could have been way worse but I know if it was my house, I would be upset. Not a thing I can do about any of it though.

So, instead of meeting at her studio on the west of Cleveland, we met at James’ house on the east of Cleveland. Slight detour and change of plans.

Time for lunch though and some snuggle time with my grandson. He had a present ready for me. My very own castle!


We went to one of my favorite places to eat – The Melt Bar and Grilled. Yummy. But there was an hour wait for a table (typical there but worth it). I took a couple hundred pictures of Soren. He loves this giant elf statue there.




Nice to sit and talk with my daughter over lunch. Time to do something else after spending a couple of hours with that. Just as we were leaving, she runs over to my car and asks if I have jumper cables. No, I didn’t have any with me. Then she tells me that this has been happening…a lot…and really needs a new battery. Well, mom goes into action. Of course, it would have been so much easier if we had been able to drive her jeep to the auto parts store. But since we couldn’t do that, we found room amongst all the stuff in my van that I hadn’t unloaded yet to fit her and Soren in. Off to a parts store for a car battery. Then off to pick up her boyfriend so he can put it in. Why don’t guys know how to do that stuff anymore??? Oh, we need tools. Stopped at Home Depot to buy tools. By now, the daylight is nearly gone (nothing us close and everything takes longer than you think it should). Trouble getting the old battery out with the corrosion. But finally replaced it. She took her boyfriend home. I went back with the old battery to get my $18.

Now it is after 6 pm. Off to her studio to unload my van. So thankful for the freight elevator even though we were both too short to reach to pull down the gate! Someone else helped us though. I finally left Cleveland about 7:15. Uneventful drive home, although I stopped multiple times to keep myself awake. Got home at 12:45 am. Long, Long day.

But, I still got to see my grandson. He is getting so big. He talks non stop. I got to read him stories while we were waiting for the boyfriend to replace the car battery.

I’m thankful for just about everything yesterday. Thankful I was there so I could help out. Thankful I could get her a battery, otherwise she would have just kept jumping it and I worry. Thankful for the time I had with my loves. Thankful they weren’t in the house when it caught fire. Thankful that someone helped us with the freight elevator. Thankful for a safe trip. Thankful to get home to bed.



Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Oops" (4)

  1. Quite the adventure lol! Glad things worked out in the end though, You even got a chance for story time with your grandson 🙂 sweet!

  2. Sometimes a plan going awry is a better adventure. Personally, I find plans never go the way they should. Highly overrated things.

  3. Nothing like starting out a Holiday visit with a little excitement. Soren is a real cutie. He has his own thing going on and is absolutely adorable! I totally love that age. The whole world is new and filled with wonder.

  4. Wow, a tough day but with rewards! Glad ya got home OK. 🙂

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