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Blog Tour: Allure of the Gypsies by Charles E. Yallowitz

Really. Great books. You should read them starting today.

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New Year is here! New Year is here!
So let’s all head to Windemere!
Grab a drite and dance a jig
no matter if you’re small (Charles)
or big…

The final day of this blog tour,
in case you haven’t heard of “Allure”
Check out the links provided below
and while your at it tell those you know

The third book in the series is out
so find out what the buzz is about
take a half-elf by the hand
and dance away to the gypsy band

Make a tweet and spread the news
hit facebook (support our Jew)
I mean…
Hit Facebook and reblog too

If he hasn’t killed me yet,
this next year is a sure bet
But I do the best I can,
for Luke and Nyx and the author man….

Happy New year peeps! Check out Legends of Windemere author Charles E. Yallowitz


And check…

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New Year’s Eve

I hope you all are looking forward to 2014 with anticipation. I’m planning on spending my day with my Kindle and my blanket. Let me leave you with this though. Do take time today to think about all the things you have to be thankful for in 2013. Make 2014 a year of thanksgiving.

New Year’s Eve

A time to reflect
A time to look forward
A time to put the past
Into tiny little boxes in your mind

A time to celebrate
A time to remember
A time to forget
All the sorrow and sadness

Look to the stars
Look to tomorrow
Look at the possibilities
Life has to offer

Happy New Year!🎉🎉🎉

I Hate MS

Well I don’t really hate MS. Although it can be a terrible disease, I’ve been fortunate because I have no outward symptoms and haven’t had for over ten years. Hence, the medication. It does it’s job so I guess I’m willing to take it. What I really hate are the stupid shots I have to have every week.

Most times the shots don’t bother me. But it is those occasional weeks where I get these miserable flu-like symptoms. I get achy, have a touch of a fever, chills and sweats, and a headache. Exactly how I feel right now.

I’ve been waiting for an oral medication that could replace the needles. But those side effects are worse and could have lasting impact on my health. Plus, at least the shots are the devil I know.

I’m not really whining. Just feel yucky right now.

Other than that though, it’s been a great day. I’ve been home alone and haven’t done a single thing other than have lunch with a friend. Warren won’t be home until late tomorrow night so I’m guessing I may be bored later tomorrow. But now I’m enjoying the solitude. Time to go read.

WordPress Question

I know that people have been talking about trouble with “likes” showing up. I just looked and I have ZERO likes for my posts. Is that a product of a particular theme or is it a product of the screwed up mess from WP? I have two different themes for my two blogs and neither have likes even though I keep getting notifications for them on my phone app. Nobody likes to feel unliked. LOL

Football and my Boys in Black and Gold

I love football. No, really. I’m put the fan in fanatical. I’ve been a Steelers fan for more years than I care to say (okay, let’s just say it’s been over 30 years). I’ve seen them through good years – I’ve seen them through great years – and I’ve seen them through dismal years.

This year started out as a dismal year – but it steadily improved. And it came down to today. We had to win PLUS Baltimore had to lose PLUS Miami had to lose PLUS San Diego had to lose. It has been an exhausting day to follow all those games and ride the roller coaster up and down and up and down.

And then it came down to this – 3:21 to play and the game is tied up. Kansas City decided not to play their best players today since they have nothing to gain or lose. I’m going crazy sitting on the edge of my seat as I follow it on I hate being dependent on another team like this – we are no longer in charge of our own destiny.

But win or lose, we ended up saving our season. I didn’t go see any games this year but I did get to go to training camp. I love going to the games – I’ve been at some horrible weather games – like the year we hosted the Dolphins in the worst rain ever – the field was a mess and the only score was a field goal by us. And then there was the playoff game against the Jets when the temps were MINUS 2 degrees. We had enough clothes on that we didn’t feel the cold. Of course, we could barely sit because we had so many layers on too. LOL

Bottom line, I’m a diehard fan and I’m thankful for my Steelers even if they don’t go on to the playoffs.

Update: The game just went into overtime. Now I’m really going nuts. A tie does the Steelers no good. And Kansas City lost – which really means the Steelers lost (the opportunity to be in the playoffs). I’m NOT thankful for that. But I am thankful my boys played their hearts out today – we were just dependent on another team. Boo

Dauntless Indies Review

I gave this four out of five stars.

Three short stories from Sarah Cradit, Brandy Rivers and Felicia Tatum. I love Sarah Cradit’s books so I started with her story Beyond Dusk: Anne. This was one of the novellas that are just extra info for her books and characters. I was not at all disappointed in Anne. It just makes me want even more.

Shadows Fall by Brandy Rivers was a fantasy tale. I have never read any of her books so wasn’t sure what to expect. It had fantasy and explored an erotic theme. I think the story did exactly what was intended – I want to read her books now.

The last story was by Felicia Tatum called Masked Encounters. I thought this story was good but a bit too predictable. I wanted it to be longer so there was a little more intrigue before jumping straight into sex. Again, I have never read any of her books so perhaps this story is carried forward in one of her books. But I wish it had been a little longer to allow for more actual interaction – to me that would have been more erotic.

But I would recommend picking this collection of stories up and giving them a read before bed.

Norwegian by Night Review

I was really torn by my rating for this book. The first two thirds seemed boring and a little confusing. But the last bit picked up the pace and held my interest. Sheldon is an 82 year old man. A former Marine who was a sniper, or not. Living in a country whose language he does not speak, he becomes a very unlikely rescuer of a small boy after his mother is murdered. Sheldon’s dementia (or is it?) create some rather implausible misadventures. Sheldon grew on me and by the end I was rooting for him to find the killer and be the hero. 

I’m not sure I can give this a recommendation. I think it depends on you. Some may like this more than I did. It wasn’t an awful way to spend a few hours though. 

Flip Flop Weather

What a day I’ve had! I can’t remember having this enjoyable a Saturday doing nothing and everything!

I started my morning with a pedicure.  I figured I had better get my feet sandal ready before I leave for Florida in less than two weeks! In fact, today was a perfect day for a pedicure because I could wear flip flops in and not freeze or walk in snow.  I went to a new (to me) place to get my toes done.  I hate change like that because you never know what you’re getting into.  But I have to say this was the best pedicure I’ve ever had – I will go back there definitely!



Then, off to Fort Wayne for a day to walk around Jefferson Pointe (an outdoor mall for you out-of-towners). Unfortunately it seemed everyone in the entire state had the same idea.  Parking was atrocious.  I parked further away than I ever have before – EVER!  And now I was on a schedule.  Quick trip to Charming Charlie’s.  Why is it when you know exactly what you want, you can’t find it????  But, no worries, I found plenty anyway.  🙂

Next stop, Barnes & Noble to buy books to read to my kindergartner classes.  And then I give them to Soren – so it is a win-win!

Then I had to walk very fast back to my car parked in the next county (okay, I’m exaggerating just a little bit – but really, it was a long walk!).  Then off to meet a girlfriend for a late lunch and a chance to talk and catch up.

And then, since I ran out of time earlier, a quick (ha ha, like that is even possible) trip to the grocery store. Then the gas station and car wash.

All in my flip flops and no jacket! It didn’t quite make it to 50 degrees but it was still quite mild for December 28 and I like to take advantage of every chance I get to let my toes breathe! Truly I hate shoes and would wear flip flops every single day if I could get away with it.

Now I’m finally home, groceries are put away and I’m ready to sit and read the rest of the night.

Today I’m thankful for the great weather we had today – thankful I found a new pedicure salon – thankful for a productive, yet unrushed day – thankful for lunch with a good friend – and just plain thankful for a day alone to do whatever I wanted to do (or not do).

Time to Let Go

Great reminders to all of us. And thank you Gina for bringing this article to my attention.

I’m thankful I have already let go of some of these things. But still have some to work on.

Post Christmas Fun

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