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I hope to finish this book today. I know that I can already highly recommend that you read it. And if you haven’t read Beginnings of a Hero and Prodidy yet – you can get them ALL for less than $5 – where else will you get a deal like that? It will provide you hours of entertainment and a lifetime of memories. Charles is very creative and these books are well written. BUY THEM!!!!

Legends of Windemere

The first week of release for Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies is done.  It was a slow build, but I finally saw this when I checked this morning:

Even if it’s only for an hour or two, this means all three Legends of Windemere books have been on these Top 100 Lists within their first month.  I’m not going to mention specific sale numbers, but I have noticed that things work differently with the $2.99.  As Chris McMullen (READ TUESDAY IS COMING!) mentioned way back, the price probably factors into the ranking.  The 99 centers flew quicker and that speed helped them get to the lists.  This one has been a slower build…

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