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Help Needed

Okay WP friends – I know some of you know way more than I do about WP. I’m thinking about changing my theme. But, here’s what I want to do and I know it can be done, but I’m just not sure HOW. So, I need your help.

What I intend to do with my blog in the new year, is to have different pages or categories or something (I don’t know for sure what it is called). For instance, I still want my Thanksgiving Project blog, but I also want a page for random musings, a page for book reviews. What are the mechanics to make that happen?

I’m wondering if I just categorize them, will they show up on those pages? I’m confused.

Please help.


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  1. I would suggest Bradley’s series of WP how to videos he did not too long ago. They’re very helpful for those not too familiar with the goings on of WP. 🙂

  2. Go to you dashboard and select a page. Edit it and go back and get another. Repeat as often as you need to

  3. Wish I could help. I never realized that I couldn’t publish new posts on my pages. Makes them seem a little useless. It might be something that only some of the WP themes can do, but I’ve seen people do it.

  4. I looked and looked for a way to have a professional blog for only my book stuff and a personal blog for everything else, but I wanted them connected and then be able to choose where the posts posted to…but never found a way to do that…so I have an everything blog with professional stuff categories/menus. It wasn’t ideal, but it works for now…if you find out…let me know. I know I could have more than one blog, and that might be the end result after I have toyed around with options.

  5. I changed my theme for the holidays but that’s about all I can do. I am WP challenged, otherwise!

  6. Pages are static. All you could do is categorize.

  7. I’m guessing you want some like this blog:

    If you put a category in your menu it does what you’re looking for, but each theme can display it differently. I like the way the blog I linked to shows it. I think she has more of a magazine style blog, but if you click on one of her menu options it shows how the categories display.

    You just have to remember to use your categories. 🙂

  8. Have you found a way round it yet?
    Much love. 🙂

  9. Maybe you could create another blog site, and then put the link to it in an image widget with the name on it in your sidebar.

  10. Whenever I edit a page, I put a link to it in a regular blog post so the readers see the page is updated. I haven’t figured out any other way to do it but it works for me. ~Gina

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