Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I finally settled on a new theme and got my blog set up the way I kinda want it. Thanks to Green Embers for his tutorials and his personal help.

I’m sure it will change but I think I have most of my previous book reviews categorized now under Book Review (I just need to remember to use the category when I post new blogs). Plus I added a page of Who Am I?

So, what do you think?


Comments on: "WooHoo!" (13)

  1. I really love the new look a lot!

  2. It’s great! Glad to see you having so much fun with this! 😀

  3. It looks much brighter and inviting. Glad someone helped you with this, Pamela. I can shred your site and rebuild it regarding the CSS and HTML but moving the posts to different areas is something I’ve never fully understood. just hope it’s OK at my site. Good look, well done!

  4. Very nice, crisp and clean. It’s great!

  5. I love it! It’s fresh and I like this theme.
    I think I spend every day playing with different fonts for my blog too. I may have finally settled on a theme….for now…

  6. This is cool. I love the rainbow colors. It is very inviting when you click in. I like the banners on a building feel it has to me. Sort of three dimensional and contemporary. I notice when I scan the tag cloud, I get a comfortable feeling of someone I like being close to. Well done! I still feel displaced from my nighttime cityscape, but I am liking the writing tablet and menus better on my new theme. It all takes some getting used to when you move into a new mansion.

  7. Very nice, organized and user friendly. GO PAM! 🙂

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