Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Have you read Illusions of Eventide yet? What are you waiting for?

...and then there was Sarah

The playlist for  Illusions of Eventide is here!



You can also view it on Spotify here.

None of the songs on my playlists are ever accidental. Each of them is strategically picked and placed, each holding a special meaning.

Here’s a few:

Hole- Violet: Nicolas starts the book by feeling as if the people he care about have taken everything important from him.

Pixies- Where is My Mind: This is a seemingly nonsensical song about Frank Black’s experiences drunk in the Caribbean. But the imagery and messaging is fitting for the position Nicolas finds himself in, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tool- Lateralus: This song is about, and follows, the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. If you’re not familiar, it refers to the spiraling effect stemming from each integer being the sum of its preceding two integers. Prose can be a lot like math…patterns, sequences of building importance. Nothing in my…

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