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Day is Done

Another Christmas Day has come and gone.

Lunch at my sister’s house. Didn’t have to worry about talking with my nieces, they were only around for the actual dinner. Seriously considered taking their gifts back with me. They weren’t around for clean up or gift exchange. I may be old fashioned but I think they are rude. And the fact that my sister only excuses their behavior just compounds the rudeness. At least it is all done for another year.

I had a surprise visit from an old friend though. Haven’t seen her for a couple of years. We had a nice visit.

But other than that, it was a quiet day. I didn’t get much reading done and no nap, but it was a relaxing day just the same.

Thankful today that it is over though. No more holidays for a few months. I’m also thankful to the friends who called and texted today. And I’m thankful that I leave on vacation in 16 days. I’m really looking forward to some sunshine.


Comments on: "Day is Done" (9)

  1. Amen to that Pamela…

  2. Where are you going for vacation? I agree with the presents. Or make them work for them. đŸ˜€

  3. Glad you had a nice day and yes, where are you going on vacation that is warm????

  4. Happy Holiday Pamela. Sounds like a lovely day. My boys and I have been hanging out which has been heaven. Tomorrow they leave for dad and Mexico. I will miss them.

    Enjoy the rest of your night. xx

  5. It is 80 degrees. Looking forward to your visit đŸ™‚

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