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The Whiskey Tide

I’m not really sure how to write this review. The book started totally different from what I thought the book was going to be about. But it was just a few pages into it when it turned around. I’m so glad I stuck with it.

I’m fairly certain I picked this book up on a whim from one of the kindle sale emails I get. In fact, it has been laying there for awhile waiting for me to get to it. The book was well written with great characters. And then there was the storyline. It was filled with intrigue, romance, feminism, family turmoils and quirky neighbors. I fell in love with the two main characters, Kate and Joe. I wanted their lives to be perfect. Of course, their lives were anything but perfect. But I think their adventures made me love them even more. And adventures they did have. Rum running became their job. But Kate’s sisters were just as involved and charming.

I really recommend this book if you are looking for something to entertain you and help you escape from the doldrums. I could not put this book down until I was finished. It was great reading!


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