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Dauntless Indies Review

I gave this four out of five stars.

Three short stories from Sarah Cradit, Brandy Rivers and Felicia Tatum. I love Sarah Cradit’s books so I started with her story Beyond Dusk: Anne. This was one of the novellas that are just extra info for her books and characters. I was not at all disappointed in Anne. It just makes me want even more.

Shadows Fall by Brandy Rivers was a fantasy tale. I have never read any of her books so wasn’t sure what to expect. It had fantasy and explored an erotic theme. I think the story did exactly what was intended – I want to read her books now.

The last story was by Felicia Tatum called Masked Encounters. I thought this story was good but a bit too predictable. I wanted it to be longer so there was a little more intrigue before jumping straight into sex. Again, I have never read any of her books so perhaps this story is carried forward in one of her books. But I wish it had been a little longer to allow for more actual interaction – to me that would have been more erotic.

But I would recommend picking this collection of stories up and giving them a read before bed.

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