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I love football. No, really. I’m put the fan in fanatical. I’ve been a Steelers fan for more years than I care to say (okay, let’s just say it’s been over 30 years). I’ve seen them through good years – I’ve seen them through great years – and I’ve seen them through dismal years.

This year started out as a dismal year – but it steadily improved. And it came down to today. We had to win PLUS Baltimore had to lose PLUS Miami had to lose PLUS San Diego had to lose. It has been an exhausting day to follow all those games and ride the roller coaster up and down and up and down.

And then it came down to this – 3:21 to play and the game is tied up. Kansas City decided not to play their best players today since they have nothing to gain or lose. I’m going crazy sitting on the edge of my seat as I follow it on I hate being dependent on another team like this – we are no longer in charge of our own destiny.

But win or lose, we ended up saving our season. I didn’t go see any games this year but I did get to go to training camp. I love going to the games – I’ve been at some horrible weather games – like the year we hosted the Dolphins in the worst rain ever – the field was a mess and the only score was a field goal by us. And then there was the playoff game against the Jets when the temps were MINUS 2 degrees. We had enough clothes on that we didn’t feel the cold. Of course, we could barely sit because we had so many layers on too. LOL

Bottom line, I’m a diehard fan and I’m thankful for my Steelers even if they don’t go on to the playoffs.

Update: The game just went into overtime. Now I’m really going nuts. A tie does the Steelers no good. And Kansas City lost – which really means the Steelers lost (the opportunity to be in the playoffs). I’m NOT thankful for that. But I am thankful my boys played their hearts out today – we were just dependent on another team. Boo

Comments on: "Football and my Boys in Black and Gold" (7)

  1. I’m just glad the season is over. Even in the last game we lost a bunch of our starters.

  2. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be our year but I still love them 😉

  3. Sorry you didn’t make it this year, but they will do it next year!

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