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WordPress Question

I know that people have been talking about trouble with “likes” showing up. I just looked and I have ZERO likes for my posts. Is that a product of a particular theme or is it a product of the screwed up mess from WP? I have two different themes for my two blogs and neither have likes even though I keep getting notifications for them on my phone app. Nobody likes to feel unliked. LOL


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  1. LIKE!! Not sure whats going on but I am sure you have the Likes enabled for ALL posts. Other than this I have no idea. WP has issues once in a while. My visit count has dropped significantly since Christmas – I hope it’s just the holidays…

  2. I have LIKED! I have no idea, all I do know is that as John says WP does have its funnies from time to time. It is like on the Reader screen, it will show 0 likes, when in your comments you will have some registered. I guess it is just a funny old glitch! But we like you!! 🙂

  3. I liked this post! It’s WordPress though, it’s gotta be. It’s just been so dang quirky lately. Hope they get it fixed soon.

  4. I have also had a number of WP issues of late. As for the Christmas dip in visits, that is due to people being on vacation and family time. I vote WP issues.

  5. Could have sworn I liked all of your posts that I found even if I read and didn’t comment. Maybe it’s holiday upgrades that are causing issues.

  6. I’ve been having the same thing happen… even when WP kindly informs me I have a spike in the likes… still none. Yours are showing on here though for me.

  7. I have had WP issues off and on. Sometimes when I respond to notifications on my iPhone, I go to the computer later and look at the post and there is no comment…weird. I don’t know if it is the phone or the WP. I “like” you all the time…unless I am drifting in the Gulf of Mexico with no signals…technology, bah!

  8. I am having the same issue….. 😦

  9. How annoying!!! This is going over “like” a led balloon! I hope it gets fixed! 🙂

  10. There is a like. See if it shows up

  11. It’s weird because I get the “like” notifications and pingbacks, but they’re not showing up on the actual post sometimes.

  12. I don’t think I’m experiencing this, I had numerous likes on various posts yesterday. Maybe they are updating something?

  13. My problem is the Like button doesn’t function on all the blogs I visit. I think it annoys me more when I can’t Like a post than when WP screws up the Likes on my posts.

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