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I’m Right

Finally, an app update that works. So many updates fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place. I swear app developers sit in a room and just try and figure out ways to mess with people’s heads.

I was hesitant to update the WP app because it had been working just fine (well, except for the multiple notifications it started giving me a few days ago). But, what the heck, I did it anyway.

And I love the new app. Makes it easier to use WP. So I’m thankful it is great. Even more thankful that I told Ionia it was good. After much gnashing of teeth, she updated it too. And told me I was right. I don’t hear that very much so I have to celebrate that bit of news. 😉

I’m not celebrating the snow we were getting today. Really. When is it going to stop. I keep trying to send it to Charles, but I think he sends it back or something. It just won’t quit.

Oh yeah, I’m also thankful that the all day teleconference I had today got over an hour and a half early. We were very productive and it was a great working meeting. I had been hesitant about joining this task force even though I felt quite honored to have been asked. But after today’s session, both my board president and I are glad we did. But it is still a good thing when they get over early.

I did turn down the chance to go to a friend’s house with a group of folks for pizza and charades. I would have been the odd man out in a room full of couples. Plus it was a crazy day and I just wanted to come home and hibernate.

So, to recap, today I’m thankful for the WP app, bring told I was right about something and that the teleconference was shorter than anticipated. But also for a really good hair day, warmer temps, an evening at home to read finally and the weekend.

February Giveaway!

Legends of Windemere

To celebrate the February 27th Anniversary of Beginning of a Hero’s release, I’ve set up a Rafflecopter Giveaway for the month. Great prizes and a lot of fun. Spread the word that this kicks off tomorrow!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Nothing Sappy tonight

Nope, I think I was sappy enough in yesterday’s blog. But I meant every word.

I just learned that we just broke the record for the snowiest January. This does not make me happy. It was snowing like crazy earlier. I refuse to look outside and see it now. The forecast for next week isn’t good. I’ve heard anywhere from 14″ to 20″ more. Even half that amount is too much snow. We don’t have anyplace to put it. Our parking lot at work keeps shrinking with all the piles taking up more and more room. The roads have 12-15′ piles next to the edge already. Our driveway at home is horrible.

Something else I’ve been thinking about today. Why does our government keep allowing “celebrities” into our country and then they break laws (like drugs). Yet, a law abiding productive Englishman can’t stay here to be with the love of his life? I think America would be better off with Julian here. I know I said I wasn’t going to get sappy, but he really does make Ionia happy and they deserve a lifetime of bliss…starting NOW!

Now for what I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful the temperatures warmed up a bit (we got close to 30 degrees). I’m thankful for school being in session so a meeting with school principals could finally take place. I’m thankful for having dinner with friends and the awesome mulled spice wine we had.


I’m having a moment. Nothing bad happened today. It was only good. Good in an overwhelming, I can’t possibly get it done way.

But I’m still having a moment. You know, one of those moments where your heart just wants to explode because you appreciate someone so much.

Yep, that kind of moment. I’m just so very thankful for all my friends. But tonight I’m especially thankful for Ionia. She has become such an important person in my life. Someone I can turn to when I’m happy or angry. She always knows the right thing to say. And, of course, if you are looking for a book recommendation, she’s the best.

Today I’m thankful for her friendship. And to Julian for making her happy. They are my fairy tale friends. I love them both. I just wish immigration could see what I see. I think he needs to change his name to Pedro and just stay.

Do you have moments where you just feel extra thankful for someone. Have you told them? It doesn’t do any good to keep that to yourself.

A Little of This and a Little of That

Today my thanks will be short. I’m thankful we did not break that record for coldest temp. We tied it though. It was -12 when I got up and -16 by the time I left for work. But only 57 inside my house. I can’t imagine what it would be if I didn’t have a new, tightly constructed house with great doors and windows. But all of that didn’t keep pipes from freezing 😁

I was thankful my secretary was at work today. And honestly, she was thrilled to leave her children. The kids have been cooped up way too long for most parents. We got quite a bit accomplished so that was a good thing.

I have a rule in the office…no eating at your desk. We have a kitchen and I expect my staff to use it if they are staying in for lunch. Today just happened to be a day that I stayed in (it was too cold to go out). So, we both ate at the table. I was so thankful that she was reading because I wanted quiet time myself. I love it when things like that work out.

Enough about my day. What happened to you today that reminded you to be thankful?

Papi Talk!… With Sarah Cradit

Great interview with one of my favorite authors

Broken Record

I am sounding like a broken record. I’m really thankful for my heater. As I write this, it is already -9 degrees. Windchill is -27. Thermostat in the house is still on 60 degrees. And we normally keep it around 67 so you’d think it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. Well, it is. I laid my hand on the kitchen counter and it felt like ice. Warren was home all day. He said he’s tired of dressing like an Eskimo in the house.

And now they are asking us to conserve electricity. That’s a tall order. Kids are home from school bored. So televisions are on, video games going, computers…you get the idea. Plus, they have been encouraging the use of electric heaters. The one thing I’m thankful for…my electric heater…and now I’m supposed to conserve electricity? I wouldn’t have made a very good pioneer woman.

Schools are closed again tomorrow. Our county courthouse is even closed. These are inhumane temperatures. Dangerous even. I thought about closing my office but we have too much to do. I allow my secretary to stay home with her children when there is a delay or closure. But I can’t go much longer without her in the office. She said she would work something out tomorrow. Even if it’s only for a few hours. So, since she is willing to make the effort, I will keep the office open. Maybe I will take her out for lunch.

Back to broken records though. We are about to break a record. We are two tenths of an inch away from breaking the record of snowiest January. Since it is supposed to snow on Thursday, it is likely to happen. We are also going to be close to breaking a record for the lowest temp tonight. I hope not, but it could happen.

Broken records, in two ways. But at least I have my heater.

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What the Hell: Where’s Kevin Brennan?

1 Write Way

Many in my WordPress community know about a wonderful writer and blogger named Kevin Brennan.  His blog can (usually) be found at  Unfortunately, if you click on that link, you will get this (sorry about the lousy resolution):

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 10.46.07 PM

Kevin doesn’t know why WP has suspended his site.  I don’t know why.  I read and re-read the Terms of Service.  Regarding suspended blogs, WP offers this cheery message:  “We take our Terms of Service very seriously and act on each and every feedback we receive in order to investigate potential breaches. Our terms are enforced on a daily basis, as we want to be a pleasant and safe environment for all of our valued users.”  Yes, I understand “pleasant and safe” is important to all of us.  But to just suspend someone without word, in effect, assuming that blogger is guilty until proven innocent, seems just a…

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Not Enough to Too Much

Solitude can be such a blessing – but then it can cross that line into feeling too much like a hermit. I’m a homebody by nature, but I’ve had too much for awhile. I need to get out and see people again.

Another day stuck inside – and not just inside, but in my bedroom so I could stay warm. I haven’t even felt like reading because I just kept looking outside at all that snow.

Warren got home around noon and started in on the driveway – there were parts that were up to his waist and the snow kept blowing back in his face. Poor guy. But he got it all done and we headed into town to pick up milk. $75 later (you never know what else you might need or if you are going to get stuck in the house again), we headed home. There were parts of our road that were down to one lane and even that one lane was snowy. I hear another inch tonight and more winds (wow, won’t that be novel?).

But today I’m thankful for my infrared heater. I remember when Warren bought it and I told him it wasn’t a necessary purchase. Thank goodness we had it though. And I bet by next winter we have yet another source of heat (he’s talking a pellet insert into our gas fireplace which we never use). But my heater made it bearable today. Although it would have been nice to have something in my bathroom as well so I didn’t get frostbite on my bum every time I went to the bathroom 😉

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