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As many of you may remember, I read to a couple of kindergarten classes each week. I love the story time as much as they do I think. But it is a challenge to always have something fresh to read to them. And, of course, I have no clue what they have heard and what they have not. Plus I try and read things that are timely. I don’t mind buying books because then I just give them to my 4-year old grandson. So, here are a few books that I picked up to read in the coming weeks.
What a nice little story. Bear is gracious and allows his forest friends to join him even though they refused to help him build his winter house. But then he has enough – but not enough sleep. Illustrations were simple and the story was good. Four out of Five Stars
Beautifully illustrated, The Littlest Bear is wonderful for small children. But it also has a message about not judging before you know someone. I like the clean pages – illustrated nicely, but not cluttered. Five out of Five Stars
What a cute little story. The illustrations are a bit too busy for my taste, but I’m not 5. Mouse has an adventure and then comes back to share with his new friends. It is a cute story which is easy to read and lends itself to lots of one-on-one interaction if you are reading this to a 5 year old. Four out of Five Stars
This is my favorite book of all of these. What a delightful children’s book. The illustrations were colorful and charming. But the cadence of the poem (story) was awesome. This is certainly a children’s book that is easy to read over and over again. And it lends itself to lots of additional talking about the animals. Five out of Five Stars. (I would have given it more if I could)

So, there you have it. I’ve been reading children’s books and loving them. Please be sure you read to a child. There is no great reward.


Comments on: "Children’s Picture Books – Reviews" (3)

  1. Lots of huggy bears. I will look these up for my little one’s little one. thanks for sharing.

  2. Can I suggest something by Neil Gaiman? Its called “Chu’s Day” and its illustrated by a brilliant artist called Adam Rex.

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