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I have been practicing for retirement. Doing nothing all day, somedays not even getting dressed. But I have to say, that is not really how I envision retirement. So maybe really I’ve just been recovering from all the mad crazy hours I have been working.

Just watched the evening weather forecast. I’m thinking it is high time to get out of northern Indiana. Yikes! Forecast calls for several inches of snow overnight (3-5″) and then more again on Sunday. But the real worry is -14 degrees forecast for Monday night. Brrrr!

I’m thankful that I’m getting ready to go to Florida (in 9 days!) where the forecast on the day I leave is rainy, but in the mid 70’s. I’m thankful I’ve had over a week off of work to relax and rest. But I’m equally thankful to be going back to work for a short week this week. And then next week will fly by (I hope) as I leave for 10 days in Florida with friends.


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  1. That’s horrific temperatures. I’m not going to complain about the 8 degrees we’re supposed to get around then.

  2. Go for the retirement. Negative 14 aye? Every N years, there has been a very deep cold winter in Michigan. Apparently this is that year. Bundle up! Did you kill the Icon?

  3. WOW! I don’t even want to know what that feels like. It is now 66 degrees at 8:00 pm and that’s too cold. It’s been raining and misting all day. that’s due to the warmer tropical winds meeting a cold front coming down. I hope the warm tropical winds win the battle.

  4. Sue Nunemaker said:

    Pam, I know very well that your idea of retirement will align with my idea of retirement. You’ll have the VERY occasional days with nothing to do, but most of the time you’ll wonder how you found time to work! That being said, I did take a few months to decompress after leaving Frontier. You were just practicing the decompressing stage!

  5. We have had snow all day. It has been pretty to look at but fortunately I have not had to drive in it. Tomorrow will be another story. And yes, our temps will be plummeting. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

  6. Happy New Year Pamela!! I’m sure you’ll be reading a lot on your retirement! I wish you the best in 2014! 🙂

  7. Ahhhhhhhh …. Florida. Thanks for the post.

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