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Little Things

Well, I thought I was going to work today. And, in fact I did make the trip to the office. A trip that took me 55 minutes when it normally takes me 20-25 minutes. The roads were horrible. The drifting snow was awful. And it was still snowing. So, I did the right thing. I out a sign on the door and sent my secretary home and turned around and drove back home. It seemed smarter to work from home than risk being stranded 20 miles from home.

I was glad I got home without incident. Or at least any significant incident. I slid a couple of times and was sure I was heading straight for the ditch. But it was fine.

So, a day home again and I didn’t feel like cooking (I know, what’s new?). So Warren and I went into town to Applebee’s for a sandwich. And then to the grocery store so I could get some lunch meat for sandwiches in case the weather gets really bad this weekend. We are looking at significant snow again this weekend followed by extremely frigid temperatures (like we haven’t seen in 20-30 years). This is sounding like it could be setting up for a repeat of the Blizzard of ’78. That brings back some really unpleasant memories. I’m not really concerned about me but I get worried about my dad – he just won’t stay home. Those temps are enough to kill him.

Anyway, while it was at the grocery store I saw these new crackers. I’m a sucker for anything seasoned and salty and crunchy. So I grabbed a box. Of course I had to open them and check them out. Yummy! Now I wish I had grabbed a couple of boxes πŸ˜‰

So, I’m thankful for new crackers. Silly, I know. But life is all about enjoying the small things.


Comments on: "Little Things" (7)

  1. Stay warm! I delivered (with help) 124 papers today in almost -40 degree blowing snow.

  2. Wow, glad you made it home safe! I see on the weather map you are in for a blast of deep cold. This happens every so many years doesn’t it. I remember a major snow storm in Michigan in 1974, we were riding our snowmobiles all over the main roads in the township, nothing could move but the sleds. Haha cops! Stay inside with hot tea or wine and thick blanket πŸ™‚

  3. You did the right thing. I am glad you are safe and certain that your secretary is appreciative. Crackers go really good with wine and cheese πŸ™‚ Our weather was weird today. First, when we woke up it was chilly in the mid-sixties. Then, the wind was blowing like mad. Nearly blew my hair off and I don’t wear wigs. The sun was shining and bright and it was near 80 degrees. Next, with the sun shining, the bottom fell out and the rains began to pour…this went on all day, not like a passing shower…sunshine and pouring rain in the mid-seventies. Strange. A subtropical day for sure.

  4. Good luck with the weather. If you have to go out then drive safely.

  5. A nice box of crackers – yum – can always make me smile. Be careful with the weather this weekend. I will be sleeping with my pooch. She is a perfect space heater;)

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