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Bring it on, Mother Nature

So there is this massive winter storm predicted for us. The forecasts seem to change hourly. It started out 5-6″, then 8″. Last I saw was 10-14″. But worse than that are the temps. It will be sub zero for nearly three days. Our high one day is -9. And the winds. Wind chills will be -45 degrees.

Churches have canceled services in the morning already. We still don’t have the first flake.

But if it comes or if it doesn’t, no matter. I’m ready. I went to the grocery store the other day. I have a gas stove so I can cook. I have a gas fireplace so I will have heat. All of that, of course, is if we lose power. I have oil lamps, battery power backups for my devices charged up.

So I figure since I’m so ready, we will get ZIP!

I’m still glad I’m prepared. I remember the blizzard of ’78. I was stranded at a friend’s house with NO food! No bread, no milk, no eggs. Her parents had been out of town for a few weeks and the cupboards were BARE! We were snowbound for days. That will never ever happen to me again. Guaranteed.

I’m thankful for that experience just for the reason it won’t happen again!

I’m also quite humbled. I started a blog in August and dabble in poetry. It has been quite fun. It has really taken off thanks to a few special friends promoting it. I still have trouble saying I’m a poet, but I made a deal with Ionia so I won’t say I’m not. I enjoy the poetry.


Comments on: "Bring it on, Mother Nature" (25)

  1. I hear ya, with wind chill we’re supposed to be -60 up here, I heard. Churches are cancelled and I’m not looking forward to any cold weather so that cold is definitely not welcomed.

  2. The sat view looks like you are in the crosshairs as is where we used to live. Great that you are so prepared!

  3. Good luck and stay safe.

  4. Enjoy the storm! It all sounds so … peaceful … which it wouldn’t be if it involved my kids. 😛

  5. Oof! Stay safe! We’re wet and windy here in Ireland (as per norm)

  6. I was reading those last couple lines with my phone in my hand getting ready to call and yell at you for breaking the deal. You are so much more than just a poet. You are the inventor of rental unmentionables too.

  7. Hoping you can get back to work and this truly is a fleeting fear. Such a storm sounds nasty. Glad to hear about the poetry blog success. I used to publish more poetry than I have recently. A few days ago I ran across some I wrote back in the eighties. Interesting where my mind wandered back then.

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