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The Rockin’ Chair Review

This is one of those books I was sure I would hate…or just quit reading entirely. But I was immediately drawn into the lives of the McCarthy family. A broken family, each of them with their own very deep problems. Grampa John, the family’s patriarch was on a mission to heal his family. One by one he dealt with each of his grandchildren. He left the relationship with his own son to the end. It was a poignant saga about a man who loses his soulmate. The book explores their memories and weaves in his deep faith in God.

It was a heart-warming story that restores your faith in family and humankind. I found myself cheering for the successes, crying for the struggles and smiling at Grampa John and his love and his methods.

I really recommend this book. I downloaded this book for free as a promotion from Amazon, but I’m going to look into other books by Steven Manchester. I gave this book four out of five stars.

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  1. I love the way you explained the book without giving anything important away. Excellent review.

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