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Finally somewhere warmer. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

First my seat assignment was nullified when a different plane was brought in and used. Had I known that, I would have paid the extra for priority boarding. Airlines charge for everything these days. This airline, Allegiant, charges for not just checked bags, but also carry on bags. I figured if I was paying, I might as well pay a few more dollars to check my bag.

I swore the last time I used this airline I would never do it again. But the low prices are compelling. Plus it is the only airline that is halfway reasonable out of Fort Wayne. Otherwise, I have to drive to Indianapolis and pay to park. But I love flying Southwest.

Anyway, flight left on time and I’m finally somewhere warmer than Indiana. I’m thankful for friends to stay with. Thankful I have friends in warm places. Thankful for a change of scenery. Thankful my new seat mates didn’t hog my armrest or sneeze on me or touch me. But I have to say, flying isn’t fun. It’s an ordeal. But until teleportation is around, I’m stuck with it.

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  1. Good to hear you had a good flight. Enjoy the warmth and don’t forget those of us in the snow. I think I just gave you permission to laugh maniacally about it.

  2. I keep praying for teleportation.

  3. I’m glad you had a good flight to someplace warmer…enjoy yourself.

  4. Glad you are warm! Since deregulation, the airlines are just out of control. My solution: merge all the airlines into one, and put the government back in charge. It was far better then, this coming from a person who despises the ever growing governmental intrusions. Have a great time down there!

  5. Oh goody! Happy to hear you landed safely, and sorry about all of the inconveniences. My husband has to fly to Ohio on Tuesday and he’s not looking forward to it. They told him that he is scheduled for nine flights this year so far 😦

  6. Glad you are there. Southwest is best, but we Texans know that.

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