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Glorious Solitude

What a perfect day I’ve had. My girlfriend left early this morning for work. And her husband left around 10:30. I don’t expect to see anyone until 6:30 or so. Dinner in the crockpot. Just me and the dog. I’m not much of a dog person, but she is quiet and no trouble. Plus she cleaned up my crumbs from my potato chip incident. Haha

I’ve spent the day doing nothing. Took the golf cart to Subway for lunch, stopped and bought the shoes I should have bought yesterday, and had a nice chat with a lady who stopped me on the golf cart path. And I’ve finally found time to read. I so appreciate my solitude.

Today I’m extra thankful for my quiet time. And thankful for not getting too lost on the golf cart paths and my awesome new shoes (you know, the ones I couldn’t live without!).

How was your day? Anything you can share that you are thankful for?


Comments on: "Glorious Solitude" (13)

  1. You make vacation sound so nice. 🙂 I’m thankful that the brakes on my car got fixed.

    • Brakes are important. As far as vacation goes, I am happiest when I’m doing nothing. I’m not all that interested in planning every minute. Although Susan is coming over here tomorrow and I think we are going to the Dali museum. Lunch with another friend who lives here on Wednesday. Plans Friday. A Tampa Bay Lightning game on Saturday. Chilully museum on Sunday. So I need to rest up.

  2. I’m thankful for everything and everyone I’ve got in my life. I figure that no matter how bad things might be for me there is always someone who has it much worse.

  3. I am looking forward to spending time with you tomorrow, but I won’t keep you too long. Long enough to actually hug your neck though, and let the Barbies hang out. If I stay too long, I’ll get stuck in I-4 traffic at rush hour coming home. Something you don’t want to do.

  4. Have a good meet you two! Golf cart to Subway, typical Florida life!! Glad you are getting some down time Pamela. Enjoy a cold one for me. 🙂

  5. I was out of my wine tonight but I felt better knowing that you were drinking for the two of us! LOL. Show us them shoes!

  6. I’m thankful that I’m back to my regular schedule at work, so I’m home sooner (more time to write and maybe read! Have a wonderful meetup with Susan!

    • I do miss my regular routine. Well, kinda. Okay, if it was out of the frozen tundra I would. Really. Maybe just a tiny bit I miss it.

      • I think, given the chance, I’d learn to have a really great routine in the warmth… don’t give the frozen tundra the satisfaction of being missed, Pam! It doesn’t deserve it (says the girl really wishing her company would open a satellite office in Hawaii!)

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