Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


Finally, a quiet day. I had it scheduled to do absolutely nothing except read. Well, you know what they say about those best laid plans.

I started looking at videos on YouTube for a work project. That consumed my morning. Then I have an event with our State Superintendent of Instruction next week that I needed to finalize details for. Then I needed to make dinner. Yes, I have cooked three nights this week. I’m the one who doesn’t like to cook, but it was all easy and I didn’t mind cooking when someone would enjoy it.

Finally had a chance to read starting around 4:30. I know that once everyone is home, the television will be blaring and they will be talking (loudly – I think they are both hard of hearing – or maybe it is just they have to talk so loud to hear over that tv!). Anyway, I should have taken more advantage of the bit of quiet time I had and read. But I will excuse myself early and read in bed around 9:00.

Today, I’m thankful that I had a quiet day (even if it was spent working a few hours). I’m thankful I could stay indoors instead of being outside in the 55 degree temps. Even though it was sunny, it was pretty breezy so even the screened porch was chilly. And I’m thankful for dinner (I made mac and cheese in the crockpot). I’m thankful for home – but not the really cold temps and the 2″ of snow they had today.

I just don’t think anyone really understands just how much I enjoy my alone time. I’m getting to be more and more of an introvert in my old age I think – following in daddy’s footsteps.
Tomorrow my vacation starts winding down and it will be a whirlwind of activity.


Comments on: "Solitude" (2)

  1. Bluffton had 2.5 inches of snow and Marion had 4.9. I’m about half way between. It’s melted some and then froze so roads are very slick. They are announcing school delays for the morning.

  2. Looks like you (and barbie) are having a GREAT time in Florida. Please bring the sunshine and warmth back with you to the north. The weather is calling for another polar vortex this week, just not as severe as the last one. One was enough thank you very much. ~Gina

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