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No Snow

Short and sweet tonight (just like me hahaha!)

Went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game today. My first NHL game. I have always loved hockey though so this was awesome!

Then a trolley ride back to Ybor City for dinner. The wait was forever it seemed and since it was rather chilly outside, we waited inside for over an hour. Thank goodness I had my Kindle.

Freeze warning here tonight but it could be worse. We got over 3″ of snow at home with another 2-4″ expected tomorrow. And the temps are plunging once again. The west side of the state had a 30 car pileup, semis jackknifed and one on fire. Nasty.

So today I’m thankful that I can cross off another pro sport on my list. I only have NBA and MLS left.

But mostly I’m thankful I’m not where it is snowing tonight. It may be chilly, but there are still flowers blooming and the grass is green.

How’s the weather where you are today?


Comments on: "No Snow" (13)

  1. I took a picture of the weather here. πŸ˜‰
    My first NHL game live, I sat in the seat all the way through the first period wondering where the commentary went. haha

  2. You should try sled hockey. Or as they call it in the rest of the world… sledge hockey. Look it up and find it nearest you!!!

  3. My dad is in Tarpon Springs until spring, he said in a text yesterday it was weird weather down there this winter. It was sunny and 70 here today, beautiful. πŸ™‚

  4. It’s 69 in here, so I haven’t turned the heater on. It is in the fifties still on the back porch. So glad you could get to a hockey game. There are some bad ass dudes out there that can do some serious knocking around. I had computer issues all day. No viruses and didn’t have to change out my hard drive, but had to run malware scans and Norton scans half the day and reinstall both Norton and Google chrome. In the end…it is all working fine again. I love my IT guy πŸ™‚

  5. It’s just nothing but fog and Grey skies here ugh but I’m glad you enjoyed the night despite the warning πŸ™‚

  6. I’ll take 50 degrees, please. We had a snow-pocalypse last night. You make sure to keep Barbie warm and out of trouble.

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