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Unnecessary Stress

I’m a fairly high strung person. I also like things a certain way and expect everyone to pull their weight. I know I complain sometimes about the way things aren’t getting done at home.

The other thing you need to know is that I’m an extrovert – but an extrovert pretty close to the introvert line. I have strong introvert leanings. My dad is a huge introvert and the older he gets, the more introverted I notice he is. The older I get the more I see that in myself as well. I really do get my energy from other people and I process things by talking instead of thinking. But I so enjoy my alone time and definitely my quiet time.

So, with all that background, let me describe my week. My girlfriend and her husband have been gracious hosts. She has been a good friend for over 20 years. I stood up for her at their surprise wedding (only the bride, groom, minister, best man and I knew it was going to happen at a large family gathering). Her youngest daughter and my daughter were best friends in high school. So, you can see we have a lot of history.

She would be incredibly hard to live with though. She is a nag with her sweet husband. She expects everything done right now – and HER way!. I have felt sorry for him this week. One evening I felt like I was playing marriage counselor. She yelled at him and made him feel about as tall as a grasshopper. He made a few comments to me later when it was just he and I in the room. She apologized to me – not him about yelling. I’ve told her several times over the years that she doesn’t treat him very good. All she says is “he understands” and that they love each other.

Add in the fact that she is getting to be hard of hearing (and I suspect he may be a bit too) and you have a recipe for a loud household! They are both 65 years old so a little hearing loss is to be expected I think. Television (which I rarely even turn on at home) is always on – and LOUD!!!!! Then when they talk, they talk loudly to be heard over the roar of the TV. But even when TV isn’t on, she talks really loud.

As someone who revels in quiet, this has made for unnecessary chaos and stress. My ears hurt and I’m really ready to be home where it is quiet. I love them and their hospitality and we have had a lot of fun, but home is sounding so good right now. Maybe introverts are better off vacationing alone.


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  1. I don’t know about introverts and extroverts, I think I am a little of both also. I do know that when we go down to visit with Greg’s brother, the local Mensa chairman, the jeweler, the Ambassador of Naples, I can take about three days of the talk about him and his schmoozing the town, the uncomfortable bed, and his constant selfish concerns regarding the females in his life, and the TV blaring and I am about done.

    Maybe as we age we are simply less tolerant of others. After all, he has 2500 FaceBook friends, so there must be something wrong with me, right?

  2. I totally understand what you mean, we find loud or boisterous people difficult to be around and have very little tolerance for it. As I have aged I find myself less tolerant of people and certain things in life. Sucks. I am glad you will have some personal time soon. Just ignore the cold…

  3. Sue Nunemaker said:

    It sounds like you have some choices to make. Enjoy your friends’ hospitality for fewer days and be gracious about it, or stay elsewhere during your vacation and just visit your friends as part of the vacation. Sounds like you knew what to expect when you were there, so why vent about it now?

  4. You and Barbie need to invest in ear plugs. There’s no place like home.

  5. Maybe next time opt for a hotel room? The peace and quiet could be worth the extra cost 🙂

  6. It’s funny Pamela, I am exactly the same as you! I enjoy spending time with people, but 24 hours a day…no way. I am a horrible person to live with (to everyone except my partner) because I just like my own space too damn much! I always insist that we stay at hotels unless the visit is for just a couple of days. I get too cranky otherwise. I guess knowing your faults is a good thing?!

    • Thank you. You got my point. I just really need my quiet time. They would be offended if I didn’t stay there though.

      • That’s always the problem, isn’t it Pam 🙂 When we have people to stay/stay with people I often take long walks on my own. It’s the only way of clearing my head, and ensuring I don’t accidentally offend anyone by voicing my frustration! It does always make you appreciate home more though, doesn’t it 🙂

      • I got home late this afternoon. Enjoying the quiet. Ahhhhh

  7. I am an EXTREME introvert. I could be a hermit out in the woods and i would be quite content.

  8. I’m on the other end of extrovert. when I have days with nothing to do it stresses me out a little bit. I feel like I should always have something to do. I’m getting better at having time to myself and am starting to actually enjoy having days like that. In fact, today is one of them but with it being so freaking cold and windy out I don’t really want to go outside anyway.

  9. I wonder if people become more introverted as they age. The world changes and it gets harder to go outside. That could just be me though since I’m an introvert outside of a computer.

    I feel for you on the noise issue. My wife’s talking voice is really loud and my dad jumps to yelling rather quickly. I wonder if them having to work with family members who are hard of hearing has something to do with it. Still, it’d be nice to have a day where the only voice echoing in the house is the toddler singing at full volume. That has the adorable factor to counter the noise.

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