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Home Sweet Home

Even if it is supposed to only be FIVE DEGREES in the morning

58 days until Spring. But more importantly, only 34 days until I’m in Orlando. I think I can survive winter in Indiana.

I’m all unpacked, laundry done, everything ready to go to work tomorrow, dinner done, quiet time to sit and read. Warren went to bed at 7:45. Must have been my stimulating conversation. 😛

But I’m thankful to be in my own bed tonight. Just hope it doesn’t get too cold. They are asking us to conserve propane. Since that’s how we heat, we are turning down the heat. They asked 50 degrees, but I think that’s a bit extreme with temps below zero.


Comments on: "Home Sweet Home" (7)

  1. Whoaa – fifty is way low for that deep cold. Glad you are back safe!

  2. WHAT? Did you say you are going to Orlando in 34 days??? How did I miss that one? I’m finding it tougher to feel bad for you Ms. Pamela! 🙂

  3. Great to be home. The bright side of him going to bed early is that you have the peace and quiet that you longed for. 50 is extreme.

  4. Welcome home!!! Seriously? 50 degrees? That’s INSANE to ask people to do that.

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