Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I love Tervis products. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should look them up online or in a store near you. They keep drinks hot or cold, don’t sweat and they are fun.

I went to the Tervis factory store when I was in Florida. I discovered their water bottles. I figured if it would work for water, Diet Pepsi would work too. Big enough to hold 20 oz, yet small enough that my tiny hands can pick it up. Plus it has an awesome lid.

And who can argue with the design?


Today I’m thankful for my new Tervis water bottle. I’m also thankful we have heat. It was -4 according to my car an hour ago. Brrrr


Comments on: "My new Diet Pepsi, er, water bottle" (10)

  1. Very cool water bottle. Good luck staying warm.

  2. You could have taken this cold wind back with you.

  3. LOVE IT! The best water/diet pepsi bottle ever.

  4. I love Tervis cups! I have that same water bottle too, it’s great. I would like to get more but I only have so much cabinet space.

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