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No Words

I just don’t have words that describe what a great day I had. Here’s what happened:

Schools delayed again because of the bitter temps. My secretary knows I will allow her to stay home until the kids are on the bus so it was just me in the office. We had a luncheon scheduled today. Our guest speaker was Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz. There has been a lot of controversy around her, even though she was duly elected by a wide margin. It was due to the grassroots efforts of teachers. Too bad she is being treated the way she has been by our politicians. She is extremely qualified. I could have talked to her all day. But I had to settle for lunch and then hear her speak. It went so well. Not one single negative comment. I was just pumped up and excited about everything.

But it is cold here. Started yo work and it was -7 degrees. But it warmed up. It was 16 on my way home tonight. Although, the winds are fierce. I could barely plow my way through some snow drifts in the driveway. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get out tomorrow even if I wanted to. But I have food and wine and plan to hibernate all weekend. Most of my day will be spent in one room with the door shut and my infrared heater going. Propane tank is getting lower. But I can bundle up. I brought a boatload of work home this weekend. I should get at least some of it done. Warren is gone for a few days so I won’t have interruptions.

Tonight I’m just thankful. Thankful that I love my job so much. Thankful we were recognized as doing great things in early childhood learning. Thankful I made it in the garage. I’m just thankful.

Do you ever have days that everything seems to work? Isn’t it great?


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  1. Food, wine and warmth! Glad you had a happy day!

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