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Today was a pretty boring day. I got up early. Why does that always happen when I could sleep the day away? Anyway, up early and it is downright cold in this house. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I was living in an old farm house – at least my house is newer and pretty tight. I think I’m just spoiled though. If I’m cold, I turn up the thermostat and throw a blanket over me.

They said that today we reached the 2nd snowiest January on record here. Still time, and with the snow that is coming tomorrow, there is a darn good chance we could break the record for the snowiest January ever. Not really a record I think we want to aspire to. Oh, and Tuesday the record low is -16 degrees and they are forecasting -19 right now. And the reason I don’t want to go to Alaska is that it is too cold. I don’t even want to be in Indiana now.

So, I’ve stayed in my bedroom all day. There is a chair in there so I could sit in it, although it isn’t nearly as comfy as my recliner. And the bed, but that makes me sleepy. I did get a burst of energy this morning after my shower and cleaned out some cabinets and drawers in the bathroom. Speaking of showers, I was okay while I was in the shower, but afterwards, BRRRRRRRR!!! Needless to say, I didn’t waste any time getting dressed.

I’ve napped, I’ve read (but only a tiny bit), I’ve looked out the window at the snow drifts, I’ve frittered an ungodly amount of time on the internet, and I’ve spent some time reading blogs.

I’m thankful that spring is only 53 days away. I’m also thankful that I will be in Orlando in 29 days.


Comments on: "Spring is on its way, right?" (3)

  1. Alaska can be rough, but I assume the buildings are better suited to retain heat. Fully agree with you on the shower issue. That moment you’re under the hot water and part of you feels cold air from the other side of the curtain? It always makes getting out feel like an utter defeat of the soul.

  2. In Alaska they actually have heaters radiating under the streets in the cities. Must be horrible to be out in the wilderness. Mark Paxon did a post show the lack of precipitation in the Sierra Nevadas. Driest season in history. No snow means no water for California come later in the year. I remember a weatherman, years ago, explaining the El Niño and La Niña Years weather patterns. I wonder if that’s what is going on.

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