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Not Enough to Too Much

Solitude can be such a blessing – but then it can cross that line into feeling too much like a hermit. I’m a homebody by nature, but I’ve had too much for awhile. I need to get out and see people again.

Another day stuck inside – and not just inside, but in my bedroom so I could stay warm. I haven’t even felt like reading because I just kept looking outside at all that snow.

Warren got home around noon and started in on the driveway – there were parts that were up to his waist and the snow kept blowing back in his face. Poor guy. But he got it all done and we headed into town to pick up milk. $75 later (you never know what else you might need or if you are going to get stuck in the house again), we headed home. There were parts of our road that were down to one lane and even that one lane was snowy. I hear another inch tonight and more winds (wow, won’t that be novel?).

But today I’m thankful for my infrared heater. I remember when Warren bought it and I told him it wasn’t a necessary purchase. Thank goodness we had it though. And I bet by next winter we have yet another source of heat (he’s talking a pellet insert into our gas fireplace which we never use). But my heater made it bearable today. Although it would have been nice to have something in my bathroom as well so I didn’t get frostbite on my bum every time I went to the bathroom 😉


Comments on: "Not Enough to Too Much" (15)

  1. Sorry about the snow. Seems winter causes isolation for a lot of people.

  2. When we visit the cabin in the NC mountains we always set tiny heaters in the bathroom. They are small electric fan heaters,but they know the chill out. We don’t go up there in the dead of winter though, just spring and fall.

  3. The pellet heater works very well, great idea. 🙂

  4. Oh Pam, this must be getting so old. And to be too cold to go to the bathroom, AY! My cousin has plastic padded toilet seats in her house for that reason. I have to admit they are soft, squishy and warmer than porcelain!

  5. This weather is truly getting old. I have been thinking about you. Let’s hope this next round will pass quickly.

  6. I highly recommend a heater for your bathroom. We had a small one in our bathroom when I lived in upstate New York. Really, unless you totally give up on baths or showers, you need one when it’s that cold 😉

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