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I’m Right

Finally, an app update that works. So many updates fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place. I swear app developers sit in a room and just try and figure out ways to mess with people’s heads.

I was hesitant to update the WP app because it had been working just fine (well, except for the multiple notifications it started giving me a few days ago). But, what the heck, I did it anyway.

And I love the new app. Makes it easier to use WP. So I’m thankful it is great. Even more thankful that I told Ionia it was good. After much gnashing of teeth, she updated it too. And told me I was right. I don’t hear that very much so I have to celebrate that bit of news. 😉

I’m not celebrating the snow we were getting today. Really. When is it going to stop. I keep trying to send it to Charles, but I think he sends it back or something. It just won’t quit.

Oh yeah, I’m also thankful that the all day teleconference I had today got over an hour and a half early. We were very productive and it was a great working meeting. I had been hesitant about joining this task force even though I felt quite honored to have been asked. But after today’s session, both my board president and I are glad we did. But it is still a good thing when they get over early.

I did turn down the chance to go to a friend’s house with a group of folks for pizza and charades. I would have been the odd man out in a room full of couples. Plus it was a crazy day and I just wanted to come home and hibernate.

So, to recap, today I’m thankful for the WP app, bring told I was right about something and that the teleconference was shorter than anticipated. But also for a really good hair day, warmer temps, an evening at home to read finally and the weekend.


Comments on: "I’m Right" (12)

  1. The previous apps for WP were not good. This one is a little better but I still would prefer to use the regular Admin login page and Admin pages as usual, on the iPad. Sorry about all the white stuff. I hope the coming summer will bring a heat wave, say a month of 90+ for you.

  2. Not sure where Charles is – I know we’re in the same time zone – but I think he’s only sending half of it back, because I’m getting the rest. 😛
    I was getting multiple notifications in my email the other day. WP was even telling me when I commented on my own blog. THAT was fun, for about the first five seconds.

  3. My only issue with it is that when I look at a comment, it doesn’t show me the comment that came beforehand.

  4. A good hair day is hard to beat 🙂

  5. Have been reluctant to try it. Now I think I will.

  6. It’s always nice when meetings are productive AND end early. 🙂

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