Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I was so busy yesterday working on a project, cleaning my house (my cleaning lady hasn’t been able to get here for so long), and running errands and visiting my uncle, that I totally forgot to post anything.

I was really thankful that a lot of our snow was washed away with the inch of rain we got yesterday. It rained all day long. But then it changed to snow and we got somewhere between 4-5″ of new snow – maybe more. So Warren is getting ready to head out and try and plow out the driveway one more time. Plus they are talking about 6-10″ more on Tuesday night. When is this going to end? I can’t remember a winter where we just haven’t had a break. We might get a big snow storm but it has a chance to go away and it warms up into the 30’s for a couple of weeks. Not this winter though. This is the never ending winter 😦

But I’m thankful I got to see my uncle and aunt – between having the flu before Christmas and all of our weather events and my vacation, I just haven’t gotten down to see them. They remarked that when I got there yesterday. They moved into a new condo within the retirement home complex. It is a very nice place with lots of storage and they love it there. I’m happy for them – plus it is only about 5 miles away for me to go visit and check on them. My cousin (my uncle’s daughter) is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks from Vegas. I can’t wait to see them.

I am thankful today for the snowblower and plow. Otherwise I would be snowed in…again. I do not know who offended Father Winter, but please say you are sorry so we can get back to a normal winter. Luckily I fly to Orlando in 22 days (it had better be warmer this trip).

Okay, I really have a lot I want to get accomplished today so I guess I had better get to it – although crawling back in bed and hibernating certainly sounds appealing right now.


Comments on: "Oops" (5)

  1. Good luck with the weather and stay warm. Dream of Orlando.

  2. You should be here in Utah, it’s been a pathetic winter. Our snow pack is well below where we need it for the summer. Wish I could tell the weather to send some of your snow this way.

    Yay for snow plows and snow blowers! 😀

  3. No worries, I forgive your forgetfulness! 😉 22 days aye? Do you know the seconds too?

  4. Does Father Winter like Sangria? I’ll make him a huge pitcher if he goes away.

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