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Back to School

I was so excited this morning. It was the first Monday that the schools haven’t either had a delay or been closed. That meant I actually got to read to the kindergarten classes. I have really missed them. They are so cute.

Today, one little girl shouted from the front of the room before they came back for story time, “We thought you were dead!” But then she came and gave me a hug. In fact, I got more hugs than normal today. What a great way to start the week. I love these kids.

And, I’m going to start reading at Head Start too. Hopefully this week, but that is doubtful because of this next big winter storm heading our way tomorrow.

Our Women United group goes into all the preschools and reads once a quarter. Our next reading date is March 5 which corresponds with Dr. Seuss’ Read Across America program. We are having colorful Cat in the Hat style hats made to wear that day.  I love getting women together to do this. And, I heard through our Child Care Provider Network director that the preschool class I read to the last time said I was awesome with the kids. That made me smile.

My goal is to inspire a love of reading for all children. After all, if they struggle with reading, they will struggle with all of school. And nobody wants that.

I’m thankful I can take a few minutes each week to read – and I’m really thankful that I was able to get back into the school today and read. My biggest challenge going forward is fitting in all the classrooms since I have been asked by two more schools to come and read. Too bad it isn’t a paying gig or I would quit my job and read to children of all ages all day every day.



Comments on: "Back to School" (8)

  1. That’s great news. They closed schools here. Love the things that come out of kids mouths at times.

  2. Hey I’m glad your not dead too! Kids – so honest, always say what they mean!!

  3. How wonderful:). You deserve those hugs. xx

  4. Nothing better than kid hugs. Just this weekend my 5 year old niece gave me a very loooooong hug, she would not let go. I melted.:) Once when I was reading to 3 year olds at a pre school, one little girl interrupted me and yelled out, “Maria, you look like a man!”. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get home to check my upper lip and wax that mustache right off. LOL.

  5. So glad that their fears have been put to rest! You ARE awesome!

  6. Teachers everywhere thank great volunteers like you!

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