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Conference Call and My View

So, we are expecting another 7-12″ of snow tonight with high winds tomorrow.  This is getting to be a little boring. I just opened my closet and saw three new adorable sundresses that I can’t wait to wear before I die – but it is going to have to wait awhile.

Right now, the snow has started. And seriously, this is the view off my deck tonight. I just learned that we are already seeing rates of an inch an hour. Nearly zero visibility as you can see. IMG_0787

But I had a bit of good news today – they came and filled our propane tank with 175 gallons – the bad news is that cost us more than three airplane tickets to Fort Lauderdale and back (over $1000 for those who don’t know how much that is). We still aren’t turning our heat any higher because the cost is so high. My infrared heater has kept me warm (even if it has been in a closed up bedroom) without raising my electric bill. But at least we have enough propane that if the power would happen to go out, we could always turn on the gas fireplace and not totally freeze.

Another bit of good news today is that I was on a conference call with early learning educators and advocates across the country (over 1000 of us) today with Secretary Arne Duncan and Secretary Kathleen Sibelius. The call was dedicated to questions and answers and truly a listening session for both Duncan and Sibelius. Not only was that really good, but when I tweeted about it, Secretary Duncan favorited my tweet. Pretty cool, huh? (No political discussions please – this was about our children not our politics)



Today I’m thankful that I have options to be warmer (if I can afford it LOL). I’m thankful there are so many people who want to see early learning strengthened. And I’m thankful I came home before the snow started flying.


Comments on: "Conference Call and My View" (12)

  1. I am soo glad you guys got fuel with the rationing and all, but Geez the cost. Hopefully that will last a while. I think about what my grandchildren’s father earns per hour and it makes me cringe to think of them in a position like that. So many with little means, especially elderly on such strict fixed incomes. Cool tweet. I do need to learn twitter.

    • I worry most about the people who cannot afford it too. We are, by no means, wealthy. But at least I don’t have to choose between heat and food. But I still won’t turn it up. We will survive.

      Yes, you need twitter.

  2. Good news about the propane aside from the price. Hope it doesn’t come to that and you stay warm. Fingers crossed that you get a sudden warm day that gets rid of most of the snow.

  3. I can see all that snow and cold getting too much after so long – I wouldn’t be thankful. Wow – heating really is expensive too!

  4. Being retweeted by a high-ranking official (no matter your politics) is very cool 🙂

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