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Apple Mania

Not the best of days – but it was also a great day!

I am trying to decide whether to get the iPad Air or an iPad mini – I currently have the iPad3 (which I will be selling). But I have a bad habit of wanting the latest/greatest. So, if anyone has the new iPad Air and/or mini, I would be interested in your opinion. My Facebook friends are pushing me to lean towards the Mini. But I’m still thinking the iPad Air 64GB. I’m afraid I will feel like the mini will make me feel like I’m going backward instead of getting something newer and better.

But, the really good news is that because I have Verizon now for my 4G (through work and a government contract), I can get one for $100 off the list price. I just have to sign a one year contract.  That’s no problem since I have it anyway (and get it so much cheaper than if I did it myself).  I’m thankful for the timing of the promotion (which only lasts one week) since I was planning to get one this weekend (if I can just figure out which one to get).

That was a lot of rambling and parenthetical comments. My English teacher would have a fit.

It was a hectic day other than that – but I’m always thankful for a bargain (at least a sale) 🙂


Comments on: "Apple Mania" (13)

  1. That’s a sweet deal.

  2. I dunno. I wait till my hubby says I have to upgrade before I move, forcing myself to adapt to the latest. I asked him what he knew about either. He doesn’t like little (mini anything…we hated nexus 7s) but he has not heard about Air. That is a sweet deal with Verizon.

    • I want the newest right away. But I try and give it a little time to be sure there aren’t any bugs. I was just waiting to save the money. I’m thinking the Air 64gb. Although if I would be content with the 32gb, that would save me another $100. It’s nearly impossible to get a sale price on Apple products.

      • We have 64 iPads, but I don’t think I use close to half that. I store no pictures or music on my iPad, just books and apps for kid games and a few others. the only reason we got 64 is that we were in a hurry to buy going on an extended vacation and that is what the Apple store had.

      • My current one is 32GB and it hasn’t been a problem. With unlimited data, it isn’t an issue to keep my music in the cloud until I want it. But I have tons of pictures. And, of course, books. Although I read more on my Kindle than anything. And some of the apps hog so much.

      • I really did not like the 7 inch nexus screen. It seemed tiny to the point of being dysfunctional. I don’t think I would like a mini. I want to see it better and my husband has big chunky fingers.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I have my iPhone if I want small

      • exactly…and that’s what it seemed like…a phone sized tablet. We sold them online just weeks after we bought them.

  3. I purchased the iPad Air about a month ago, this one has the Verizon option. awesome device. Basically allows me to take the iMac on the road with me anywhere there is a cell signal. I have an iPad Mini too, the non-retina version and it’s really nice too. Go for the Air and an Otterbox to protect it. Awesome. Typing on the Air just now by the way. 🙂

    • I’ve got 4G on my 3. Nice option. And I have unlimited data through our plan. Of course, they have changed the sizes just enough that the accessories I have for my 3 won’t fit the Air. I’m really leaning to the iPad Air 64GB.

  4. Doesn’t the new Mini come with the same chip as Air? I looked it up, it does. The only real difference would be form factor. Where you have a Kindle, I’d recommend the Air as it has the larger screen and would be nicer for watching videos and such. (Just my opinion though).

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