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Where did the time go?

Really? I already lost January somehow and now I see that I haven’t posted in here at all yesterday. How does the time get away from me?

I’m going to blame it on the weather – of course, I blame everything on the weather these days. My car registered -20 this morning.  MINUS 20!!!! How is that even possible? I truly have hibernated this winter. I quit going out with friends because I can’t bring myself to leave the house. It seems like I haven’t been in a rhythm since I was off work at Christmas. But it is supposed to warm up next week – and FLOOD! It will have to flood with the ground still frozen and rain on these mountains of snow.

I’m thankful today though that I will be back in Florida in 12 days (even if it is for a conference). And I will be really busy while I’m there. I thought I had my nights free, but have been asked to perform a couple of official tasks. I guess that’s why I’m there though.

Friday is our volunteer appreciation reception. This is a first for us at work so I don’t know what to expect. But I hope we have a decent turnout. We sent out about 75 invitations and will have CHOCOLATE! My staff has been busy making chocolate mints, fudge, etc. And we will have a chocolate fountain with appropriate dipping stuff. It should be fun. I’m really thankful that my staff has done the hardest part of all of this. They bake – I buy. Perfect arrangement I think.

Now if I can just remember to post again tomorrow. And I am pretty sure that I will have pictures on Friday.


Comments on: "Where did the time go?" (10)

  1. Time flies when your having fun right? -20 is normal for northern lower Michigan, even colder than that so I am not surprised at that temp given this winters trends. Or, your cars external thermostat is off like mine is in this 2009 Pontiac I am setting in just now.

  2. I blame the weather too. Hope the Florida trip is here before you know it.

  3. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than with chocolate. Perfect. Of course the weather is to blame for everything. 🙂

  4. A chocolate fountain Yum. The only thing better is champagne punch. We had a nasty show of thunder and lightening, pouring rain and high winds. Flipped my umbrella inside out, so I got drenched on the way to a writer’s group meeting. Fortunately my papers were in an envelop and stayed dry.

  5. Enjoy the warmer weather in Florida. It is freezing here in Texas and it shouldn’t be. Ugh.

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