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I can’t remember when I felt this good.

I called Warren tonight to see if he wanted to meet me for dinner. He was two hours away so I was on my own. So, I stayed at work.

Then I decided to just go ahead and go out for Italian alone. But as I was driving through Markle, I changed my mind and decided to go to The Pickle. Warren won’t go there because of the smoke. Plus I could have a Dirty Snowman. That would take away the tough edges of my day.

I couldn’t find a place to park because of all the snow piles, but finally got a spot in the adjacent church parking lot. I should have figured out that no parking spots also meant the place was crowded.

Sure enough. I walked in. First I was stopped by someone I know of. He seemed to want to chat but I wasn’t interested. I had a drink on my mind and my iPad in my hand. My intent was to blog about my day. So, I kept moving. Further back to look for a table.

What? There was my uncle and his wife. What could they be doing in a bar???? Then I remembered, my cousin and her husband had flown in from Las Vegas yesterday! Sure enough. They were in a regular booth and invited me to pull up a chair. Jenny said she was just getting ready to text me and say “hey, we’re at The Pickle, where are you?”

We decided to get a bigger table. Ordered our drinks and food. Oh, what an unexpected pleasure. This made my whole day! Plus Jenny is coming over to the house on Sunday. I’m so excited. They are looking at houses today and tomorrow to buy here. I would so love to have her close to me. Honestly though, I can’t imagine why she would move to Indiana. I know she wants to be close to her elderly dad, but Indiana????

But I’m thankful I decided to go have a drink dinner there tonight. I’m so happy.


Comments on: "Family" (14)

  1. What’s a Dirty Snowman?

  2. Sometimes the surprise impromptu’s are the best. this made me smile

  3. Glad you had fun there! Sorry your kin are stuck in the cold though lol!!

  4. What a wonderful surprise. A dirty snowman sounds interesting.

    I got a surprise today – amazon emailed. Your book is on its way;)

  5. That is sooo cool to think your cousins might be moving closer though. I don’t get to see my cousins here in Florida as much as I would like because they are such jet setters, always on the go, but it is good when we can get together and catch up.

  6. That is so cool! It was meant to be. šŸ™‚ Did you have your dirty snowman and what is it?

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