Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Sunday Musings

There will be something I’m thankful for at the end. Bear with me as these are random musings and more random things than anything.

Why have I had zero ambition this winter? I think it is because all of my energy has been focused on staying warm. Just my opinion. Kinda like after I eat, I seem to get chilled – my body is focused on digestion not keeping warm.

Everybody has an opinion about everything these days – too many people can’t keep their opinions to themselves. Healthy debates are one thing. Thinking people are scum if they don’t agree with you, is another. I don’t take sides – if you don’t like something, that’s fine – but we are adults, let’s act like it for a change.

I used to be glued to the television to watch the Winter Olympics – I haven’t seen one second of it this year. I wonder why that is. I think it is because I just don’t think much about television any more.

My cousin and her husband are her from Las Vegas – they are thinking about buying a house to be near her dad. I am thrilled to have her close and I’m sure her dad is to – but I hope they don’t regret moving to Indiana – we are not exactly known for our beautiful weather 😉

They are forecasting 3-5″ of snow tomorrow. Not our biggest snowfall by over a foot, but on top of what we have, still miserable. And if we get to the high end we will break our record of snowiest winter on record. Indianapolis already has broken their record.

Most of my thoughts these days revolve around the weather, don’t they?

My daughter and grandson and a couple of her models will be visiting this week. I’m thrilled to see her and Soren – but it would be nice if I could have time with just her. Why is that so hard when they become adults? First boyfriends, then husbands…always someone it seems. I’m thrilled to have her here for a couple of days. Thinking that Thursday while she is involved in a photo shoot, that grandma needs a day with Soren all to herself.

A girlfriend bought my poetry book for her boyfriend for V Day – I think my secret is out since he just posted on Facebook that he got it

Okay – THIS is what I’m thankful for today thought – WE TURNED UP THE HEAT! Not a lot – and I sat here and was cool all day yesterday. Warren is home today and the heat got turned up. Now it is only three degrees cooler than normal – almost bearable. I’m thankful we turned it up because my nose and fingers felt like they were going to fall off yesterday.

And I’m thankful that I have the rest of the day (except for a visit from my cousins) to sit under a blanket and read.

What’s up for you on this winter Sunday?


Comments on: "Sunday Musings" (6)

  1. The weather really is on a lot of people’s minds. I’m with you on being thankful for turning up the heat.

  2. Today’s a day of doing odds and ends around the house, including getting the gardens ready and maybe planting our rose bushes. And to think — just two weeks ago we had a severe ice storm here in the Florida panhandle! We survived that just fine — being originally from Chicago — but some of the palm trees in town didn’t. Olympics? Television? We haven’t owned or watched TV for a good four years now; we don’t miss it, either. And yes, I’m with you regarding people and their opinions; I think a lot of people have forgotten how to have civil conversation and debate, and that’s part of the reason I stay off Facebook, except to share my blogs there and keep in touch with family. And take heart — spring will be here. Eventually.

  3. I spent the day relaxing in the sunshine, pulling my thoughts together about my week, contemplating my WIP, and checking my ranks and sales. Starting to feel like a slave to myself. I am excited that you have sometime coming up to be with your daughter and grandson. Also, looking forward to your visit to Orlando. I do hope we get to meet up again.

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