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My two favorite guys

It was a hectic day. Took Andrea into Fort Wayne for her photo shoot this morning in the pouring rain. Then to work with Soren. I actually got a couple of things done. Lunch with friends. Library with Soren. Then back into Fort Wayne to have dinner with Andrea and a model. Then to my dad’s. He hasn’t seen Andrea for two years. We are meeting him for breakfast before I take them back to Cleveland.

We’ve had a great visit. It was a rare time I didn’t have to entertain one of her friends or boyfriend. Nice to have her to myself.

Here is a picture of my two favorite guys. Love them both so much. My dad just lit up having them here.




Comments on: "My two favorite guys" (4)

  1. Aww, so cute. 😀

  2. Soren is adorable and Grandad looks exactly as I imagined he would (also adorable). You are one lucky lady to have this love in your life. 🙂 My grandson took one look at me tonight and started screaming. 😦

  3. Glad the visit went well! It’s always a downer when they end 😦

  4. Great-grandchildren with great-parents always make for fun pictures.

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