Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

What plans?

What a long day!

Breakfast with my dad before heading to Cleveland. Of course that took longer than I had allotted. But it was good. Ended up in bumper to bumper stopped traffic in Toledo. I was fairly patient. Andrea, not so much. Finally got to Cleveland a full hour and a half later than I had expected.

But, this is where it started to try my patience. Her girlfriend borrowed her Jeep while Andrea was gone. Not a problem. But this particular girlfriend is one of those who can’t tell time. She is late for everything. Not ten minutes, but over an hour late. Always. Well, she said, I will bring your car to you at 4:00. I told Andrea that I could just drive her to get it. But then she couldn’t get a text back…and didn’t answer her phone. We get to Andrea’s to unload my van which was full of stuff my dad sent home with her. Guess what? Her house keys were with her Jeep keys. We can’t get in. We drive to her studio and she was able to hem a couple of things for me. Yay! We ended up having to wait an hour and a half for the Jeep. I was starting to get annoyed. I was tired and ready to head home. Finally got on the road at 5:00

Soren begged me to stay or take him with me. I hated to leave. I just don’t get to see him enough. But summer is coming and I intend to find a week or two that I can bring him home to stay with me.

Oh, and it was super windy. Could hardly keep on the road. Then we watched in horror as a couple of semis did some stupid crap. I was sure one semi was going to tip over because he swerved into our lane so abruptly. He was annoyed because the truck in front of him wasn’t going fast enough. The other lane was full. And then a fourth truck pulled up next to me and laid on his horn. I think he was not happy with me because he was stuck behind that first semi going too slow the speed limit. But I was behind the swerving semi and had no place to go. I’ve never been so glad to get around all of those crazy drivers. I swear they cause accidents.

But today I’m thankful for my alone time with Andrea and Soren. Thankful she got my things hemmed and I didn’t have to wait for her to mail them to me. I’m thankful I made the trip safely. Thankful to be home resting where it is quiet.


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