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Odds and Ends

Today is the first day I’ve had to myself for awhile.

I got up early (unfortunately) and got laundry started. The cleaning lady will be here while I’m gone next week so I need to make sure the house is straightened up when I leave Monday morning. Showered, laundry and breakfast out of the way so I could head into town to pick up a few things at the store before my pedicure appointment – must have my toes ready to be exposed next week.

So, laundry done, pedicure done, house straightened up – only thing left was getting packed and some work that needed to be done.  Now, I’m packed and ready to walk out the door – work done. Plus was able to go have my favorite pizza and a glass of wine. Too late now for a nap though. But now I want to take time to read the rest of the night and relax. And, by the way, that is all I plan on doing tomorrow too.

Today I’m thankful that I got my house back in shape. I’m glad I’m packed and ready to go (didn’t even overpack either!). I’m thankful for my pizza/wine. I’m not thankful for the snow we are expecting tonight. I really think we have had enough of that for this year. I’m thankful that the weather forecast has improved for Orlando next week (temps in the 70’s but cloudy and rainy). I guess I can have warm or I can have sun – it would be too much for me to have warm AND sun. I’m thankful for some time finally to read. I started a wonderful book and am really getting into it so it will be nice to have time to read it.

Are you reading this weekend? What are you reading? Is your “must read” list as long as mine (impossible to get caught up)?


Comments on: "Odds and Ends" (2)

  1. My reading list gets longer every day. So many blogger friends have put out second and third or more books, and I still haven’t made my rounds on everybody’s book one!

  2. I think my reading list can be used as wallpaper.

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