Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for


I have so much to be thankful for today. I’m just going to bullet point them in no particular order.

~ I slept in my own bed last night! I probably shouldn’t have driven home after flight delays since I was headed back to Indianapolis today for meetings, but home sounded good.

~ I had a safe trip last night and again today.

~ I am chair in 2014 for our Executive Roundtable and today was our first meeting. It was long and had some contentious spirited discussions. But I survived and kept everything on track.

~ I had pizza from my favorite pizza parlor tonight. Yum!

~ I got to see my dad. That is always a treat!

~ Yesterday on the plane home I read half of a book, a short story, wrote three and a half poems…all with pretty heavy turbulence…without puking!

~ Began a collaborative poetry collection with Kirsten. I’m excited about this book. Look for it to be published in late March/early April.

~ It didn’t get quite as cold as predicted! And the snow won’t be here until late Saturday. Sounds like Sunday will be a stuck inside day though.

~ I received my shipment of Sarah Cradit’s books back…signed.

~ I got another five star review for my book.

~ Totally unpacked and laundry done. Mostly back to normal. Although I will be gone a week from today for a weekend at a friend’s in southwest Tennessee.

~ My house was clean when I got home. Thanks to my cleaning lady. How did I ever survive without her?

~ Indiana has Diet Pepsi. I don’t want to hear how bad it is for me. I really do like it. Besides, I am 56 years old and will die of something so it might as well be something I love. I could be addicted to worse things. I only had nasty Diet Coke while I was gone so it made my Diet Pepsi taste even better.

~ The book I had on hold at the library came through at the perfect time (remember I just finished Muse). Now I can start reading Killer by Jonathan Kellerman. Time to read a mass market book.

~ The sun was shining today and it was a pretty (cold) day.


Comments on: "Oodles" (13)

  1. Sue Nunemaker said:

    Now I know why we were meant to be friends. You can drink all the Diet Pepsi and leave all the Diet Coke for me!

  2. That sounds like lots to be grateful for. What fun!

  3. Welcome back. I didn’t know Diet Pepsi didn’t exist in Florida.

  4. Glad you’re home safe. Nothing like hitting the sack in your own bed after being away.
    Looking forward to the new poetry collection!

  5. Nasty diet Pepsi! Eeeewwww. Glad your home safely. We are back in port in lauderdale this morning. Diet coke isuch better. You can not deny it. !

  6. I am a diet coke drinker and have been since childhood. I actually do go into withdrawals on the second or third day without it. Sounds like things are on track for you and going well!

  7. This is quite the list! My fave is that you did not puke! I am a Diet Coke girl but my husband LOVES Diet Pepsi – he is truly addicted.

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