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Birthdays and Groceries

First of all, I want to send you to the blog of one of my daughter’s models and co-owner of her PR firm. Allyn Lewis is not only beautiful, but a very savvy and organized event planner. Check out her blog here

Today though I’m thankful for time to have lunch with a friend. It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen her because of the weather. Always good to catch up.

I’m also thankful that Warren unloaded all my groceries. I’m not feeling so great right now and I think I would have just left them where they were.

But the thing I am the most thankful for today is Andrea’s best friend, James. He is really the best. Not only did he arrange for Soren’s swim lessons, but he responded to my panicked text this morning. When Soren was here two weeks ago, I intended to take him shopping so he could get a birthday present for his mom. I totally forgot. So, I sent James a message and asked if he could do that for me and I would send him money. He asked what he should get and I told him he knew her well enough to guide Soren. So, he took Soren to the local garden center and picked up a planter. She will love it. I’m so grateful to James for helping me out. It is hard for single moms on holidays. I know, I was one. But my parents were close and always made sure she had gifts. But it’s hard to take your four year old shopping, give them money, and say “buy mommy something nice”. It made me cry that James would do this for me.



Comments on: "Birthdays and Groceries" (3)

  1. Beautiful flowers and cute grandson (as usual). Hope you feel better.

  2. Thank goodness for people who take a moment to just care. He is too cute.

  3. Friends like that are the best, beautiful flowers!

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