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I began reading this book fully expecting it to be a dull boring historical fiction novel. I was pleasantly surprised that it was neither dull nor boring. It pulled me quickly into a world that involved some intrigue, some adventure, some history and very interesting characters.

The character development was superb and the author clearly researched her subject. I did get confused by the continual change of point of view. If there is something about the book that I didn’t like, that was it. I had a little trouble following because of it.

But, this was an engaging, well written book. A little history, a little paranormal, and a whole lot of good reading. I would definitely recommend this book.

If you don’t already follow Andra’s blog, I recommend you check into it. She will keep you laughing with her stories and family tales. Andra is currently on her own adventure on the Natchez Trace. I can’t wait to hear her stories and see her pictures from this amazing walk.




Comments on: "To Live Forever by Andra Watkins" (4)

  1. Looking forward to it! Great review:)

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