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I am having WordPress issues – and I just wondered if I was alone in this.

#1  All of a sudden I’m getting emails for  blogs that were published weeks ago. I don’t know if I am missing new ones because I haven’t taken the time to research that, but I’m getting all these old posts. Is that happening to anyone else?

#2  I’m still not happy with WP likes – my iPad and iPhone apps show me only the first person in many cases. I get a total count but I can’t always see who has liked a particular post. And my phone and iPad aren’t always in agreement with each other. This has been going on for a long time – time for WP to step it up and get it fixed.

$3  I’m sure there was a third issue, but for the life of me now I can’t remember it. And I’m pretty sure it was an iOS app issue.  Oh well, maybe it will come to me later.

So, anyone have any other WP issues? Or suggestions for dealing with the ones above I mentioned?


Comments on: "Totally Random WP Question" (12)

  1. I’ve had that first issue the past few days. It’s entirely random too. The emails show up without the blogger’s picture and one of those place holders WP provides. So it takes me a bit to figure out what I’m looking at. Now you have me wondering if I’m missing posts from people.

  2. Similar here.. and stats seem all over the place when I looked the other day. No doubt it will resolve itself eventually.

  3. Not having these issues over here. I suppose it’s an Apple thing. I am a bit disappointed with the performance of my iPad mini on this trip…

  4. Honestly, I don’t look at the dates on people’s posts. I just read them as I get the notification. But I’ll try to pay more attention.

    Last week I had 5 new follows on my fiction blog and not a single view. I thought that was a bit odd. I do find with my fiction blog though, that I don’t get views, even when I know without a doubt that someone has visited because I’m talking to them about it IN MY COMMENTS, in real time. That’s very frustrating.

    • I have also been having trouble on my iPhone making comments on blogs without logging in every single time. It inhibits a lot of my comments because that is time consuming and if I’m reading on the fly, I just don’t take the time. Plus, emails have the entire post many times, so views don’t indicate how many were actually read.

    • And I don’t look at dates either. But when I start reading something that sounds familiar and then see I’ve already liked it and/or commented, then I look.

  5. Ah, yes. I see what you’re saying. Yeah, I get double notifications as well – mostly days after they’ve been posted.

    When I read an entire post in my email, I always click on the like or comment button at the bottom of the email to make sure the blogger knows it’s been read… because I hate when that happens to me. But maybe you don’t get that option on some devices.

  6. I haven’t noticed dates on emails either. I was having problems with the “likes” not showing all. At first I thought people who were commenting just weren’t liking. Then I had twenty comments and one like. I knew that could not be right, and I realized it showed 18 likes, but not 18 gravatar pictures. I had this same problem weeks ago but it resolved over time.

    I had a serious problem with the having to sign in or hit the “W” symbol before I could comment, but I was having other issues with Google at the time. (Not responding.) WE uninstalled and reinstalled Google and all of that resolved. (I lost all my bookmarks in that process though, a few were salvaged from foxfire.)

  7. This is strange and I wonder if I’m alone. If I reblog a post, all of the associated pictures go into my media section. I’m sifting through about 6 copies of my first book’s cover art and I just realized where they came from.

  8. I’m having some “issues” with WP, too. I get notifications late, or not at all it seems. It also has me following blogs I never started following in the first place. It’s messed up.

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