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February Freak Out.

Great publication – this issue includes both John Howell and Marie Bailey who write great stories

The Paperbook Blog

Did anyone see what happened to February?

I quite literally blinked and missed it. The Paperbook Blog feels like an empty hall, long since abandoned. My footsteps are echoing off the walls in here.

Motivation is such a hard thing to keep hold of, isn’t it. It’s slippery like an eel. You think you have a good grasp, you’re churning out blog posts every few days, your stats are looking good when BAM. It slips through your fingers and a month has passed since you last made an appearance on your blog.

It’s not as though I haven’t tried, though. It’s a funny thing, when you lose motivation on here. You begin all these posts, but you’re never quite sure what to say. It’s almost like your voice is gone. My dashboard is crowded with the skeletons of half-begun posts, some no more than a title.

It’s ironic then that…

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